GreenEarth Cleaning

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Were you aware that we offer GreenEarth cleaning?

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What is GreenEarth you may be asking?

GreenEarth is a dry cleaning process which cleans with pure liquid silicone.  Due to it’s ‘pureness’, the EPA, OSHA, RCRA and CERCLA do not even regulate it. In the environment, it returns to sand, small amounts of water and carbon dioxide which poses no threat to people or the Earth. Other solvents used in various dry cleaning processes may use petroleum-based solvents, etc. Although they are sometimes frowned upon, there are regulations and safety precautions for properly handling which are regularly enforced and inspected.

Is it safe for my garments?

Yes, GreenEarth cleaning is a very gentle process. Due to it using liquid silicone, there is no chemical reaction with fabric fibers.   It cleans without being abrasive or aggressive.  This green cleaner is perfect for even the most delicate items that are decorated with beads, lace, etc.

What is a ‘green’ cleaner?

Hydrocarbon is the second most common solvent used; it is also petroleum-based.  Many dry cleaners who utilize hydrocarbon label themselves as ‘organic’.  In this instance, ‘organic’ does not necessarily mean environmentally friendly or free of chemicals.   Although scientifically, it can be argued that anything with a carbon chain can be considered organic; the term ‘organic” can often be misused or misleading to customers.

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