August 2020 Summer Vacation Plans

August 2020 Summer Vacation Plans 

What do your August 2020 Summer Vacation plans look like? A quick trip to your summer home? Farther trip to some place new? Either way, Hallak is here to help you.

Hallak Cleaners would like to share some helpful tips for packing.  When many of us travel, we  plan ahead and pack a steamer / iron.  Don’t get us wrong.  Even with these tips, you may need to still bring or have access to one or the other.  However, taking steps to prevent wrinkles will drastically reduce any ‘clean-up’ measures.

What do you pack for a summer vacation? Consider light fabrics that tend not to wrinkle.  Prints also tend to show ‘less’. (Bonus – they look great!)  When thinking about a wardrobe plan, mostly solids with a few prints is a great way to go. You can mix-and-match, but always have options.  Additionally, you should consider neutrals for any handbags and shoes.

Before heading out the door, do you lay your outfits for a clear vision? Or are you a toss and go kind-of-person. If the latter, Hallak strongly encourages you to take that extra time in planning ahead.  With the added time, you can take care of those alterations, spot-clean any stained item, freshen up that suit, etc. There are so many benefits!

Pressed for time prior to your trip? Schedule your pick-up.  Hallak will swing by to pick up any dry cleaning or wash-and-fold. Questions about fabric care or our services? Ask away. Our team is here to help!

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