Home Interior Detailing – Construction Clean Up Services

Home Interior Detailing

Post-construction cleanup is not your regular housekeeping.

After construction work has been completed, your home’s interior will be in need of a proper detailing. With Hallak’s interior specialists, you can be rest assured that no item is left untouched.

Home detailing, home interior detailing, post construction cleanup


From collapsed ceilings to a remodel, a film of dust (and more) can be left behind.   We offer you an efficient, quick and reliable clean up service. Rooms or your entire living space will be tediously and methodically cared for so as to protect your investment.

Home detailing, post construction clean up


Questions or interested in a consultation? Call (212) 832-0750…or simply keep our information handy for your next project.(Hallak Cleaners works with many leading insurance companies to make this process as seamless as possible.)