March 2021 Fun Facts – Evolution of Dry Cleaning

March 2021 Fun Facts

 The Evolution of Dry Cleaning

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A little fun fact…Jean Baptiste Jolly ‘invented’ dry cleaning by accident.  In 1855, the Frenchman discovered that his tablecloth became cleaner after a kerosene lamp accidently spilled on it.  (Fortunately, dry cleaning was born – rather than a fire!)

Over the decades, dry cleaning has evolved. In the early stages, the very flammable (and smelly) gasoline and kerosene were used.  Thankfully, the importance of health and the environment have led the industry to safer solvents – that work just as well!  For example, GreenEarth is a branded process that uses a by-product of sand. It is safe for both the Earth and people.  By now, many clients are already aware that we were the first Manhattan licensed GreenEarth cleaner.  (Hallak has also been awarded several environmental certificates.)  Today’s solvents are ideal for many reasons including their environmental-friendly ingredients and their effectiveness in cleaning. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

After your items have been dry-cleaned, there is the ever-important finishing.  At one point or another, many  have washed their bed linens at-home.  Now, how many have pressed them?  Exhausted just thinking about it?  Fortunately, Hallak’s finishing department has the perfect equipment (and TEAM!) for that final touch. Whether it is your bed linens or your shirt laundry, pressed to perfection is our responsibility…not an option.  (Learn more about Hallak’s different shirt laundry levels on the back of this newsletter.)

Schedule your pick-up today. Hallak’s team of experts are here to help with all your fashion care.  In addition, we also now offer wash-and-fold.

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