October 2020 Fashion Edit 1

October 2020 Fashion Edit 1

October 2020 fashion is autumn-kissed. With Hallak on your side, look great all season long!

Here is your October 2020 Fashion Edit 1. At first, it can be tough to let the ‘summer vibes’ go.  It can also be tough transitioning to your fall fashion – both mentally and the physical clothing switch.

October fashion can be bit tricky. Some days are warm, some cooler. Some mornings are cool then warming up.  In the fall, we love leather and suede.  Although these items have warming properties, there are lightweight versions. You can layer or wear as-is.

Uggs. You either love them or hate them. If they are part of your fall and winter style, then you need to know about Hallak’s ugg cleaning service.  Rain, snow and life can leave their impression on your favorite footwear.  Don’t wait until they are a mess. Regular (and affordable!) maintenance keep them looking their best. In addition, stains treated sooner rather than later tend to lift better. Older stains may require touch-up dye to cover up properly.  Hallak’s suede and leather department have all the tools and tricks so you can feel confident about your Ugg care.

Typically, pastels are considered a summer staple. However, lighter shades can certainly be worn into the cooler months. Wearing a light-colored garment or accessory? Be wary of dye transfer. When items rub against each other, the friction can leave an unwelcome dye remnant.  When taking items off, inspect for both stains and transfer.  If you should see anything, stop by either location – Bergen County or Manhattan.  Out of the area? Please feel free to call (212) 832-0750 or email info@hallak.com.

And remember that Hallak can help with your seasonal wardrobe switch. While summer garments are not bulky, your closet space is valuable!  Many clients love our box storage. Items simply need to be cleaned prior to storage. Allow us to schedule a pick-up by calling (212) 839-0750 or emailing info@hallak.com.

Thank you for checking out our October 2020 Fashion Edit 1. Stay tuned for next week’s! Additionally, follow @HallakTheCoutureCleaner on Instagram.


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