Pre Labor Day Weekend 2020

Pre Labor Day Weekend 2020

What are you pre Labor Day weekend 2020 preparations?  Hallak Cleaners is here ready for all your last minute needs.

When you have a minute, take a peek at this holiday weekend’s wardrobe picks?  What? You didn’t think of what you will be wearing? You don’t want to be caught off guard so always be prepared.

With Hallak on your side, your wardrobe is always ready for a step.  Complimentary pick-up and delivery is available in your area – Manhattan, Greenwich, Westchester, Bergen County, Hamptons and the Short Hills area.

Please note that will both locations will be closed only on Monday, September 7th, in observance of Labor Day.  Both stores will be open on Saturday with our regular business hours.  If you wish to schedule your pick-up, you may do so by using the Hallak app, emailing or our pick-up form. See, one less thing to take care on your Tuesday back.

If you haven’t considered your weekend wardrobe, let’s start considering some options.  For a more relaxed holiday, choose various layering options. In addition, you add various accessories and shoes.

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