September 2020 Fall Style

September 2020 Fall Style

How do you wear your plaid? September mornings and nights lend themselves to a pretty jacket.

The September 2020 Fall Style Sneak Peek is here.  While we understand that you may not be excited (or ready) to welcome fall, you cannot deny the changing weather.

With New York City beginning to open up again, you will most likely begin to venture out a bit more than you presumably did over the summer.  Have you been counting down until you could dress up and have a delicious meal inside? Or were you just waiting to wear your favorite suit and tie combination?

For those who love fashion (like us!), this change of season also means a wardrobe update. And there are not many things better than that.   Before you head out shopping or hop online, consider the upcoming fashion trends. Will they play well with your current wardrobe? What will their care be like?  If you are going to invest in garments, care should certainly be considered.

Here are some basic trends that are perfect for late September:

Often, new items require alterations or tailoring. Both locations are still welcoming guests.  Please note that we are following safety protocols and kindly ask that you wear a mask. Due to our limited staff, we suggest you call (212) 832-0750 ahead of time.

These few fashion trends are ideal for the more (currently) casual world. In a few weeks, we will be taking a look at a few more trends that are a bit more formal.  Before you care for any new item, we encourage you to call or stop by with any fabric care questions.  (Even if you do not plan on dry cleaning your item, you are always welcome to ask away.)

And when you are ready to care for your new fall finds, schedule your pick-up with ease.

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