September 2021 Fall Preparation

September 2021 Fall Preparation

Have you started to take a look at your fall fashion?

Have you began your September 2021 fall preparation?  Next weeks, autumn begins. And as you may have noticed, the cooler weather has already begun to creep in.

In the New York/New Jersey area, transitional seasons like spring and fall can be a bit tricky to navigate. Cool mornings lead to warm days, which only lead to cooler evenings. While we do not recommend a full seasonal clothing switch right away, you may wish to consider pulling a few items such as:

  • Uggs
  • Parkas
  • Long-sleeve Tees
  • Lightweight Sweaters

With every seasonal change, our team tries to remind clients to clean all garments (and accessories) prior to storing.  Things happen, we understand. However, this just means you should begin inspecting items prior to the weather changing.  Stains that were once invisible may discolor over time – and no-one likes these types of suprises!

If you have garments in our box or cold storage, please allow about ten days for items to be pulled, inspected and returned to you. Have a rush? We can certainly do our best to accommodate. Please email or give us a call at (212) 832-0750 today.

For fall fashion trends, be sure to follow us on Instagram.  In addition to tips, we love sharing upcoming looks and more.


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