Clothing Storage FAQs

Thank you for visiting our Clothing Storage FAQs page.  If you are visiting this page, you may be aware that Hallak Cleaners offers both box storage and cold storage.  Below you will find common questions (and answers) regarding storage options.

When you think of cold storage, think of outerwear including furs, leather and suede. Hallak’s cold storage is identical to what any furrier store uses. Ideally, furs, faux furs, suedes, cloth overcoats, ski jackets and other bulky outerwear are stored here. Also, all cold storage items come with individual storage certificates. Items are stored on sturdy, contoured fur and coat hangers. Please take a look at our three cold storage levels.

Alternatively, box storage accommodates the balance of your wardrobe: suits, slacks, dresses, sweaters, skirts, scarves etc. Box storage items require cleaning prior to storage. (You may choose to store cold storage items as-is.) Also unlike cold storage, there is an initial $50 account set-up fee. Therefore, you will be responsible for the account fee and individual cleaning charges. Once you have an account, you may add as many garments as you wish throughout a season.. 

In addition to garments, bulky quilts, comforters and similar items are welcome. Slipcovers, which are rotated by season, are also a favorite.

For vintage or evening wear, Hallak suggests cold storage.  This is the safest storage method.  If interested, we also offer digital photography catalogue. Along with Hallak’s Clothing Storage FAQs page, you may also visit our main storage and home tips page.

In short, storage does not protect your items from insect damage; a professional, thorough cleaning does.  Therefore, this is why all box storage garments must be cleaned prior to being stored.  Additionally, clean clothing protects the integrity of the entire storage facility.

Even if you wear a garment once (for a limited amount of time), you cannot assume it is safe to store as-is.   After all, any trace of perspiration, body oils, food or beverage can attract insects. While it is a fallacy that insects attack only dirty items, soiled garments are clearly much more susceptible.  At Hallak, we do not allow insects an option.

In terms of box storage, you may add or take from garments as you wish. Once the flat account rate is paid, you will be only be responsible for the cleaning of any clothing added.

While some people usher their entire wardrobe at once, others prefer to add throughout the seasonal transition. Either way, we will accommodate your needs.  As you are ready, simply schedule your pick-up or drop off at either of our locations.

Similarly, you may add to outerwear to cold storage at any time. As there is no account, you will pay for whatever level of cold storage you choose.

With whichever storage you choose, Hallak kindly asks you to complete one of our storage forms.

If you have copious closet space, you may find home storage a perfectly acceptable option. Please feel free to view our home  clothing storage tips.

At the same time, Hallak considers our storage a great option.  When you request your items’ return, they will be freshened up prior to being delivered.

Cold storage runs on a calendar year basis. Regardless of when a coat is sent to the vault, the storage  expires on December 31st of that year. Many clients leave coats in cold storage for consecutive seasons.  Please be sure to keep your storage account current.

Alternatively, summer box storage of winter clothes expires on December 31st. Then, winter storage of summer clothes expires on June 30th.  If you require extended garment storage, please email or speak with a team member.

Both cold and box storage allows for piece-by-piece return. You may certainly remove items individually.

For instance, customers who choose full seasonal wardrobe storage can have items broken down and returned in group deliveries. If you are the one putting items away, you may appreciate a scaled-down return home.

We hope that you have found our Clothing Storage FAQs helpful.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call (212) 832-0750 or email A team member would be happy to address any of your concerns. If you are ready to begin storage, please feel free to schedule your pick-up.

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