“When you have something that you treasure and it needs cleaning due to a stain or to preserve a dress or suit,… take it from a former fashion director at numerous magazines- they’re the best!

-Michelle W.

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Hallak Cleaners

Over 58 years ago, Joseph Hallak, Sr., brought his vision to life – Hallak Cleaners; a couture dry cleaner that provided his community the very best in fabric care. To this day, Hallak Cleaners is still a family-owned and operated couture dry cleaner and wash-and-fold service.

See why couture fashion designers and New York area’s luxury boutiques trust the Hallak name and so can you. We offer a comprehensive list of services including: couture, casual, wedding, leather, suede, clothing storage and interior furnishings. Hallak is here for you and your wardrobe’s needs.

why we are the best

Feel free to stop by either our Manhattan or Bergen County locations – 

Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday 8am -4pm.

You may also schedule a complimentary pick-up by calling (212) 832-0750, pick-up form or by using the Hallak  app

Hallak Cleaners delivery service includes Manhattan, North Jersey, Hamptons, Greenwich and Westchester.

Hermes Paris - one of Hallak's clients, image of logo

Hallak Cleaners is one of about a dozen dry cleaners in the world that meet LCI’s strict requirements to be a true couture dry cleaner. Couture or luxury fashion dry cleaning is a specialized service that is tailored towards high-end, designer garments. Typically, this type of clothing is made from delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, lace, and cashmere. Therefore, the method of dry cleaning is a more meticulous process that involves using special equipment and solvents throughout the cleaning and finishing steps.

In addition, couture dry cleaning also involves that extra attention to detail such as ensuring that zippers and buttons are properly fastened, hand finishing the seams, using special spot cleaning techniques, and other unique ways to ensure your clothing is returned looking its best. Each Hallak team member is trained and cross-trained to be experts in fabric care. 

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