Retail Drycleaner

Retail Drycleaner

Retail drycleaner right in your neighborhood!  Along with personal wardrobe care (and home interiors), Hallak Cleaners assists Manhattan and other shopping districts’ boutiques.

When your customers walk in, they are entering a very special and unique experience.  Your retail store provides a certain level of elegance from its interior design to the staff’s intel.  For over fifty years, Hallak has been working with Manhattan’s finest wardrobes and retail boutiques; it is safe to say that we have a firm  perception on what you and your clients expect.

Throughout the year, the Hallak team visits to learn more from you – our boutique friends.  As a retail drycleaning, it is important to understand fashion trends, how your store works with customers and more.  Typically, we try to stop by a few times a year.  Of course, visit requests are welcome. Simply email or call (212) 832-0750.

During these visits, it is so beneficial in hearing from you what you expect and need from a dry cleaning service such as ours.  It is a lot of work to not only look your best…but have your customers walk out looking their best.  As a leader in the dry cleaning industry, our expert team will provide the quality fabric care your garments deserve.  Wouldn’t it be great for your staff to know they have a place to send not only their pieces but their customers who trust in them?

Retail Drycleaning Services offered:

While Hallak has locations in Manhattan and Bergen County, we also offer complimentary delivery service.  We visit Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, Greenwich, Short Hills and the Hamptons (summertime). Call (212) 832-0750, email or check out our Hallak app.

Setting up a retail dry cleaning account for your store is quick and easy. Find out more today!

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