Retail Drycleaner

Retail Drycleaner

Expert retail drycleaner right in your neighborhood!  Along with personal wardrobe care (and home interiors), Hallak Cleaners assists Manhattan and other shopping districts’ boutiques with all their fashion care.

When your customers walk in, they are entering a very special and unique experience.  Your retail store provides a certain level of elegance from its interior design to the staff’s intel.  For over fifty years, Hallak has been working with Manhattan’s finest wardrobes and retail boutiques; it is safe to say that we have a firm  perception on what you and your clients expect.

Throughout the year, the Hallak team visits local boutiques to learn more about your fashion care needs.  Designer fashion deserves and requires a special level of drycleaning. This type of clothing care involves understanding all types of fabric, ornamentation, and ever-changing trends.

We have made it our goal to be both a trusted couture cleaner name among our boutique friends and your clients.  As a courtesy, we offer four types of boutique accounts

Retail Drycleaning Accounts 

  • Uniform Account.
    • Heavily discounted pricing for your employee retail uniform pieces. Each employee will receive their own laundry bag. In addition, we can offer assistance with uniform tailoring.
  • Stock Accounts.
    • Stock pieces in need of care receive a 50% discount off our base retail price list. This is ideal for those garments that require spot cleaning, full cleaning, pressing/steaming, or repair.
  • Employee Personal Garment Account.
    • Employees that are interested in having their personal garments dry cleaned by Hallak receive a 50% discount off our base retail price list.
  • Customer Goods Account.
    • We are happy to pick up customer garments from your boutique for dry cleaning. However, there is no discount provided.

In addition, many boutiques turn to our team of garment care experts for their large, specialty projects. For example, a boutique’s quality assurance team may find an issue with a garment’s hardware. We would then aid a boutique (or design house) with replacing hardware on their inventory.

Expert Retail Dry Cleaning Services

We are very fortunate to have two locations in the New York Metro area where fashion lives! Our team loves fashion – and it shows in our processes. 

From advanced garment tracking to multiple inspection points, your clothing will be in the best of hands. See why Hallak is a trusted retail drycleaner in your neighborhood. Email with your questions today.

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