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Silk Tie Cleaning and Scarf Care

Silk purple tie. Cleaning services for silk ties and scarves.
Silk tie and scarf cleaning.

Silk tie cleaning? Look no further. As your ties and scarves are an outfit’s finishing touch, it is important that they are expertly cared for. Unfortunately, they typically rest in the perfect place to attract those pesky stains.  Lunch left-overs on your designer silk tie? Lipstick on your Hermes scarf? We have all been there.

Although simple in shape, silk accessories truly can make an outfit.  After all, men’s and women’s fashion are all about those finishing touches.  That little something.  Add color, make a statement, show your fun side.  Simple in shape and simply perfect.

When your favorite silk scarf or tie become stained or wrinkled, it can be quite troublesome.  Who can you trust to handle them with care?  As with your wardrobe, you can trust Hallak Cleaners with your accessories too.  From your leather handbag cleaning to your silk tie spot-cleaning, we have you covered.

Let us treat them with the proper cleaning and finishing they deserve.  Quality fabric care will ensure that your items will not only be returned to you looking their best but also extending their life.

Additionally, all ties and scarves should be inspected prior to returning to your closet or their special drawer. Similarly to your clothing, stains that sit – set. During inspection, check for stains, loose threads, worn seams and more. See something? Schedule your drycleaning pick-up or call (212) 832-0750.  Be sure to include your shirt laundry, fine suiting, bed linens and more. (Hallak now also offers wash-and-fold delivery.)

Questions about our delivery area? Questions about fabric care in general? A team member is here to help. Call (212) 832-0750 or contact us today.

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Tie tacks look great.  However, they often leave behind tiny holes.  In general, most ties are silk which is a delicate fabric.  For hole prevention on the outside of your tie, insert the tack through the back of the label or fabric keeper and then attach to your shirt.
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