Women’s Clothing

Women's clothing care is more than dry cleaning.

After all, you have a connection with your wardrobe.   You wouldn’t trust its care to simply anyone, would you?

Specialized women’s fashion services:

In addition to these care options, we also offer complimentary pick-up and delivery.  Take the stress out of clothing.  Your trusted team at Hallak understands your fashions’ need for gentle cleaning and finishing.  Our environmentally solvents are gentle (but effective) on your wardrobe and skin.

Prior to cleaning, all garments receive a thorough inspection. Then, the spot-cleaning stage. Next, your clothing is professionally cleaned. Finally, pressing, packaging and a final inspection. That’s quite a journey!  At Hallak, dry cleaning is so much more.   When you trust our talented team with your wardrobe, you are never left wondering what to wear.

Additionally, any minor repairs such loose threads, missing buttons, hooks, eyes, falling hems, shifting shoulder pads are routinely inspected.  If needed, they are repaired or replaced and repaired.  We tend to every detail so that your clothing will look and feel fresh.

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Questions about any of our services? Email or give us a call at (212) 832-0750. Ready for a pick-up? Schedule today using our handy form or Hallak app. Drycleaning delivery is available in your area – Manhattan, North Jersey, Greenwich, Westchester and the Hamptons (summertime).