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Hallak Cleaner’s expert interior care is a phone call away. Your furnishings deserve the very best.  Trust Hallak Cleaners with your home services.  Your interior furnishings will receive  the same amount of respect and care as we do with your wardrobe.  Many of our loyal customers entrust us with their interior’s upkeep.

While it is impossible to keep your upholstery, carpets and window treatments looking their best daily, dirt and stains don’t have to be permanent fixtures in your house.  We will leave your items looking and feeling good as new.  On a more serious note, a thorough cleaning reduces allergies and other breathing issues.  Various pollutants and other irritants become trapped in your carpets, upholstery and area rugs which is never a good thing.   Regular maintenance of your luxury decor will help extend their lifespan by reducing wear and maintaining their like new appearance.

A Hallak Interior Expert would be happy to meet with you at your home to discuss your your interior cleaning services needs. Whether it is a full spring cleaning, a quick freshening for the holidays or a restoration clean-up, we will discuss your options and our recommendations.  Hallak’s home interior detailing is ideal for post construction and other large-scale projects.

Besides our own home-based team of interior specialists, Mr. Robert Hallak also offers expert interior cleaning. For more information, please click here to visit the site of R.J. Hallak Ltd.

“Our brother, Robert, has been performing miracles with carpet and upholstery cleaning for over thirty-five years.  His following of Manhattan clients are fiercely loyal – timing their interior cleanings with his regular visits to the east coast.  His work is impeccable.”
John-Claude and Joseph Hallak, Jr.

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