Hallak Promise

Hallak Promise

We think it’s important that a drycleaner has the courage and decency to stand behind its product – without exception.

Integrity. One of the main reasons that Hallak Cleaners is recommended by so many couture boutiques and retailers across the country is the knowledge and trust that their clients are in good hands. As a member of Leading Cleaners Internationale, Hallak Cleaners is proud to offer the unique and powerful Safe Cleaning Guarantee which applies to every garment we clean, including leather, suede and even wedding gowns – both new and heirloom.

Most potential service problems are predictable. You will always be advised of these risks before processing so you can make an informed decision after you have weighed your options.

Sometimes, a garment will fail to withstand routine and accepted processing. It happens. Retailers don’t sell you these goods because they are indifferent – they are usually as surprised as we are when an item that was supposed to have gone through rigorous testing procedures proves to be unserviceable. There are many technical reasons why this can happen and they are beyond the scope of this discussion (although we will be adding more detailed and technical information along these lines in future web content).

In the rare case that an unforeseen problem arises with an unserviceable garment, you will NEVER be asked to go back to the retailer and handle the matter yourself. Hallak Cleaners will serve as your advocate. We will explain the problem to the retailer and seek replacement (if possible) or restitution. Even if a retailer declines to accommodate our request, we will stand behind you – our client – and settle the matter with you directly.

John-Claude Hallak

Joseph J. Hallak, Jr.