Preservation Process

The Preservation Process

After your big day, hold onto your memories and your treasured garments.

The preservation process is a little confusing.  The expert team at Hallak is here to explain.

At the time, you spent your day (happy!) crying, dancing and indulging.  You were not thinking about the ‘what’s next’?  And that’s exactly how you should spend your big day.

Often, couples are not thinking about ‘after the wedding’.  However, we try to share tips along the way.  In particular,  brides receiving pre-wedding services such as alterations receive a special offer and information.  Destination wedding couples can request a shipping box.  Perfect for our New Jersey, New York and tri-state jet-setters!  Staying in the area?  Complimentary pick-up and delivery is available in many areas.

Preservation is for Everyone

Equally important is suit or tuxedo dry cleaning.  Like wedding gowns, formal wear can be left with possibly troublesome stains. By treating ‘immediately’, you increase the chance of an effective removal.  Hallak Cleaners welcomes and loves all love.  In the same way wedding gowns are preserved, other items are preserved the same way.

In addition to wedding wear, vintage items such as military uniforms and dolls are preserved.  All Hallak preservations come with a lifetime guarantee. With over 50 years of couture dry cleaning experience (and members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists), this guarantee is truly a guarantee. And don’t forget to learn more about our Zero Carbon fund partnership.

Wedding Gown Preservation Process Broken Down

Hallak’s museum quality preservation involves several levels of fabric care including cleaning, finishing, and archival storage.  Similarly, it incorporates methods used by the Smithsonian Institution.


  • First step prior to cleaning is in cleaning a thorough inspection – including photographs.
  • Next, we test any beads or trim for strength and durability.
  • Then, a specialist examines your gown for loose ornamentation or  necessary minor repairs.
  • Prior to cleaning, pre-treatment of all stains.
  • Finally, the professional gown cleaning.
  • Lastly , the anti-sugar treatment (trademarked by Hallak).*

*This patented process helps prevent sugar stains, such as those from wine or cake, from yellowing over the years.

Finishing Your Wedding Gown

In gently and fully hand-finishing your gown to perfection, Hallak takes extra care to follow the designer’s line and drape. Only truly dedicated and experienced artisans have the ability to properly hand-finish a designer creation.

When pressing and steaming, distinctive fabric, lace, embroidery and appliques require special care. (Pearls, beads, sequins and droplets too!)

Museum-Quality Storage and Preservation
This is the perfect time for a post cleaning and finishing inspection – including photographs.  At this time, a customer has the option of viewing in-person.  For instance, local clients often stop by to view themselves. Others take advantage of the final report emailed prior to boxing.  Either way, you always have the option to view your gown at- home.

In short, you are always welcome to see your gown. We actually encourage it!  With all preservations, Hallak provides white cotton gloves and viewing instructions.

Immediately after inspection, we carefully fold and position your wedding gown.  Then, it is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper.  Finally, your gown is placed in the finest museum-quality box available.

Hallak’s preservation process protects your treasured family heirloom for years to come.

Thanks for the Memories – A Lifetime Guarantee

What does the  Hallak Cleaners’ Lifetime Guarantee (backed by the AWGS) mean?   To sum it up, you may bring your wedding gown (or other preserved item) in for a freshening up at any time.  If you wear your gown or store outside the archival storage box, you void the guarantee. Tip: View your gown once or twice a year.  If you feel uncomfortable, please call (212) 832-0750. We are happy to help!

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