Luggage Cleaning

Luggage Cleaning

Leather luggage cleaning and other travel accessory care available.

Luggage cleaning made easy. After a long trip (or even a short one!), you may feel the need to care for your traveling ‘companion’. The question is how to clean a suitcase. Wonder no more. Hallak is your go-to suitcase cleaner.

During a vacation, your bag will go through a lot. Allow your luggage cleaner to take away any marks left behind from being:

  • handled by many
  • bumped around 
  • dragged through airport
  • shoved in car trunk
And that is simply the exterior of your bag. Your interior also receives another level of wear-and-tear. Spills, scuff marks, make-up smudges and more. How often have you opened your bag to be surprised. And not a fun surprise like that new luxury souvenir you forgot you purchased. Hairspray, lotion, and other clean toiletries can be blotted. Then months later, you  open your bag and find discolored areas. Invisible stains do not always remain invisible.

As you may  know, Hallak’s team has experience in caring for suede, leather and other materials.  Handbags, jackets, and footwear often find their cleaning put off to another day. It’s hard to take these pieces out of your wardrobe rotation. And as for your luggage? Well, we put cleaning our luggage off until who knows when? When you arrive home, looking for a luggage cleaner is the last thing on your mind.

While we have the methods to revive your bags, it is important to provide routine maintenance rather than ’emergency’ help.  Whenever you act sooner rather than faster, there is a better chance for more successful results.

Questions about luggage cleaning?  Feel free to forward images of your bag in its current condition to

Whether your luggage needs a regular cleaning or something a bit more extensive, Hallak Cleaners is here to help.  Schedule your pick-up by calling (212) 832-0750 or email  Complimentary delivery is available in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, Greenwich, Short Hills and the Hamptons. Out of our delivery area? No worries. We have many out-of-state clients who ship their items directly to our New Jersey Store & Plant location. Request your quote today.

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