How to Pack A Suitcase Properly

How to Pack A Suitcase Properly

How to pack a suitcaseHow to pack a suitcase is easier than you may think

How to Pack A Suitcase Properly

How to pack a suitcase properly is easier than you may think. When planning your next trip, it is important that you take the proper packing tips to ensure less fashion issues upon your arrival.

For many, a trip is exciting – and always well-deserved. However, there are those people (if you’re like us!) that gets a little stressed prior to getting away. You’re a planner. And there is a lot to plan out.

When creating a packing list, you have to consider many things. What is your destination? What is their weather like? What excursions or actities will you be participating in?

While some prefer packing light, some of us just can’t do it. Yes, we included ourselves in this group. In addition to our fashion, we also need to include space for all that fashion we plan on doing!

Packing Like a Pro

Whether you are ready to set off or simply daydreaming, let’s jump right into the first packing tip. Hopefully, this will inspire some of you who have earned some time off.

Choose the proper luggage.You should ask yourself a few questions. (Yes, more questions! Trust us. It will save you from over or under packing.)

Is this a weekend trip or will you be away for a few weeks? If this is a short weekend, you can overpack a bit more. Throw in those extra shoes or jacket you may or many not wear. Traveling a little longer? You’re going to want to use your suitcase space wisely.

It is important to also take into consideration how you are traveling. Will you be limited in how many pieces of luggageyou can bring? For the avid flyer, we are sure we don’t need to say this but just in case…make the most of your carry-on smaller bag. While we wish you the best, things do happen. Use this piece as your emergency back-up. Pack in your toiletries, jewelry, identification paperwork, and other important items.

Research the weather. Take a look at the average weather for that time of year. Plus, keep an eye out for current weather conditions. As you may know from previous pages and posts, we are huge fans of layering. It looks great and is an absolute lifesave. Destination days and nights can look a lot different.

Bonus. Use your weather research to plan some fun activities or plan your wardrobe for that excursion accordingly.

Review your itinerary. Even if you plan on packing light, you want to be prepared. The most casual getaways can end up with one amazing meal at a fine eating establishment. You are going to wish you picked your favorite dress shirt or cocktail dress.

If you trip involves a lot of beach or pool days, we must stress the importance of bringing many different swimwear options. Of course, you’ll want to include those coordinating coverups as well.

Bathing suits should be properly cleaned, rinsed, and dried between uses. Additionally, they should be allowed time to restore their original shape. If you have ever brought one suit on a shore getaway, you may have had the unfortunate discovery of what we are getting at. Keep your bathing trunks and bikinis elasticity in tact.

Create the complete toiletry bag. One way to easily bring all your trusted toiletry favorites is writing down what you use in a week. Sure, it sounds like a bit of hassle. But it’s worth it. In Europe and other destinations, you may not find your favorite foundation or luxury moisturizer. You want to feel your best. While we are clothing experts, this is an important packing tip that we couldn’t skip.

Pack toiletries in proper containers. This may mean sizes that are allowed by your airline. It also means making sure they are in leakproof containers (and toiletry bag) to protect your other suitcase items.

Write up the perfect packing list. Along with your toiletries, you should write up a plan for your daily clothes. You should have the proper outfits for the following:

  • any travel time
  • day activities
  • dinner plans
  • beach days
  • workout sessions

If you love fashion like us, this may include clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Pack outside of your luggageso you can make a ‘plan’ for how everything is going to fit.

Select a color palette. We love this tip. Although it is not the easiest to adhere to, it helps packing a lot! Plus, you don’t need to completely commit to it. Simply keep it in mind when packing shoes, clothing and accessories.

To keep it simply, pull a lot of neutrals from your wardrobe. Then, you can add some pops of color in either items or statement pieces. This way, you can mix-and-match wiithout the stress. Have you ever woken up and not wanted to wear that dress? With a vacation capsule collection, say goodbye to forced fashion!

The Actual Pack

We’ll start with the obvious. We love packing cubes. They are wonderful! We also hate any plastic bag. They do not allow your garments to breathe. While okay for your toiletries, plastic is okay – just no clothes.

  • Roll casual clothing such as jeans, tees, and cotton pants
  • Place heavy, bulky items at the bottom of your suitcase
  • Socks, belts, and smaller items can fill in those gaps during the pack
  • Fragile items should be packed in the middle
  • Formal, folded clothes in a packing cube should be placed on tip (less shifting)
  • Try holding a bulkier jacket or sweatshirt rather than take up that valuable luggage space

Putting the Packing List to Test

Packing is an art. Even with the proper tools such as packing cubes, there is a science to it. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you try to follow some or all (BRAVO!) of these vacation hacks, you will find a groove to what works best for you – and what didn’t. Planning takes time, but it also makes things less stressful.

All of us have been in a situation where we are looking for this or really need that. And although you pack with precision, you will most likely find yourself in need of something.That’s okay. The point of all of this is to reduce the stress before and during your vacation.

By choosing your outfits prior going away, you also will find time to see what fashion care may be needed. Spot-cleaning, full cleaning, and alterations can be completed way before you take off. One less thing off your list. Hallak can help with your garment care needs. If you have any questions, we can help with that too.

We hope you found some helpful tips on how to pack a suitcase!

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