Winter Sports – Ski Pants and Jacket Care

Winter Sports: How to Wash Ski Pants and Ski Jacket

How to wash ski pants or how to wash ski jacket questions may not be the first on your mind – especially this winter. The New York area has not seen a lot of snow.

For many, this means traveling up North, Aspen, and other areas to have the fully winter experience. And if you are an avid winter sports person, you really had to travel for some powdery snow.

Why You Should Care for Winter Outerwear Regularly

Skiwear and snowboarding outerwear can be quite pricey. These pieces are an investment so it’s best to make their maintenance a priority.

Regularly cleaning your skiwear is important for several reasons. First, skiwear can become dirty, and sweaty after a long day on the slopes; this can not only be unpleasant but also compromise the performance and durability of the clothing. Dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate on the surface and clog the pores of the fabric, reducing breathability and waterproofness, and making it harder for moisture to escape. The body’s sweat and oils can also attract bacteria and cause odors to develop over time. If left untreated, these oder and stains can be difficult to remove.

Regular cleaning can help to remove these contaminants and restore the function and freshness of your skiwear. It can also prolong the life of the clothing by reducing wear and tear, preventing stains from setting in, and maintaining the integrity of the fabric and insulation.

How to Wash Ski Pants

If you are attempting to wash ski pants at home, the first step is to check the care label. Follow the instructions on the proper cycle, detergent, and water temperature. In addition, it’s important to put in the wash with other like items requiring same level of care. It is often suggested that these types of outerwear have an additional wash using an in-wash waterproofing solvent.

Research outdoor gear detergents and treatments that are intended for these specific items. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly options available!  Find the right solvent for your washing needs. Some of these solvents are available for full cleaning, spot cleaning, waterproof treatments, and more. As always, follow the instructions carefully.

Without a waterproofing treatment, you will start to notice a buildup from outdoor elements that result in stains. If you haven’t washed your outerwear in awhile, you may also want to test your items for water repellency. Spray some water on your jacket or ski pants.  Did the water bead up? Then, you are fine. If you notice that the water spread (and started to soak in), then it’s time to re-treat.

How to Wash Ski Jackets

Washing your ski jackets follow the same steps as above. However, jackets tend to show a bit more wear-and-tear. Typically, we will notice trouble areas near the neck and wrists. It’s best to examine them regularly.

Also, there can be additional maintenance due to repeated zipper use. To keep them working, consider applying a lubricant made specifically for zippers. Of course, you will also have to remove build-up every once in awhile. If your zipper has a protection flap, do your best to use to prevent water damage; this can result in further zipper issues.

If you end up with zipper issues, then it may be time to bring in for a professional inspection. Zipper problems do NOT always result in a pricey replacement. In fact, most dry cleaners would prefer to repair and/or work with the manufacturer’s original zipper. Fortunately, most dry cleaners’ repair team have many tricks up their sleeves to help with the typical zipper issues.

The Importance of Skiwear Care

Cleaning skiwear also helps to maintain its appearance and performance. Besides dirt, grime, and stains making your outerwear look worn and shabby, they can also affect its ability to repel water and snow. By cleaning regularly, you can ensure that your skiwear looks and performs at its best.  Overall, regularly cleaning your skiwear is an essential part of proper care and maintenance. So read your care labels or bring to the professionals to maximize the longevity, performance, and enjoyment of your investment.

And remember that cleaning your garments will not cause damage. Waiting too long to clean items may actually cause damage that may not be reversible.  Questions? Call (212) 832-0750 or stop by our store today.  Ready for a pick-up? Schedule online, try our app or give us a call!

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