Suede and Leather Dry Cleaner

Suede and Leather Dry Cleaners

Hallak offers expert suede and leather dry cleaning, where we pamper your luxury fabrics with the care they deserve.

Crafting a delicate balance between preserving the natural beauty of suede and leather and ensuring a thorough cleaning process. And our expert team at Hallak Cleaners takes pride in elevating your favorite leather items and more. Whether it’s a beloved leather jacket, a suede skirt, or designer handbag, our meticulous approach guarantees a rejuvenated and well-maintained look.

Unveil the true potential of your suede and leather pieces as we combine cutting-edge techniques with a deep understanding of these materials, ensuring that each garment returns to you with its original allure intact. Trust us to handle your cherished suede and leather items with the utmost proper care, providing a tailored dry cleaning experience that goes beyond the ordinary. And we also offer tailoring and repair services!

High-Quality Leather Dry Cleaning

Why bring your leather clothing and other items to a professional leather cleaning service? The cleaning of leather is a specialized process that may also include color restoration. 

Every item that enters Hallak receives a full inspection. Our team is looking for stains and other signs of wear and tear. While we can work miracles, Hallak suggests you inspect your garments and accessories after each wear. Don’t allow stains and other trouble areas to worsen. Invest in your leather items’ special care today.

Experienced leather cleaning services include:

  • Stain removal (e.g. grease stains, ink stains)
  • Color restoration (color variation fix)
  • Conditioning leather
  • Odor elimination

Typically, items are returned between 2-3 weeks. (If you require a quicker turnaround time, please call ahead to see if we can accommodate.) Heavily damaged items may require extra time. Alterations for leather and repair services are also available.  And be sure to look into our Ugg care and handbag cleaning.

Additionally, Hallak also offers cold and box storage. Your outerwear including special skins are best suited for the cold storage. You may choose to store as-is, freshen up or completely clean. (Box storage is available for your other wardrobe pieces.)

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Suede Cleaning

The delicate nature of suede necessitates specialized cleaning methods. By choosing a professional service, you can ensure that your suede garments and accessories receive the utmost care and attention.

A professional suede cleaning prevents shrinking and maintains the item’s original shape. We use the safest yet effective stain removers for dirt and oils that can accumulate on suede over time. Professional dry cleaners use specialized solvents that penetrate deep into the suede fabric, effectively lifting and cleaning away any embedded dirt or grime.

This results in a thorough cleaning that revitalizes your suede items, restoring their original beauty. Furthermore, dry cleaning also helps to prolong the lifespan of suede products, as the process removes any impurities that can weaken the fabric over time.  

Leather Jacket Cleaning

Using a dry cleaner for leather jacket cleaning offers a multitude of benefits that cannot be overlooked. Their expertise in handling different types of leather allows them to tailor their cleaning methods specifically to the type of leather your jacket is made of, which prevents any potential damage or shrinkage that could occur if improperly cleaned at home. Additionally, dry cleaners possess the necessary equipment and solvents that effectively remove stubborn stains and odors from leather jackets, restoring them to their original pristine condition. Not only does this result in a visually appealing jacket, but it also prolongs its lifespan, ensuring that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Expert Care for your Suede and Leather

 Unsure how to care for your furs, suedes and leathers? Trust Hallak Cleaners’ experts who professionally trained in the most current techniques. In fact, we are so advanced that other cleaners hold training seminars in our facility. As experts, our fur, suede and leather department carefully weighs the correct approach for processing. For instance, a fur coat may require a cleaning and glazing. While a leather jacket will need a cleaning and protectant.

Hallak’s additional dry cleaning services include fur cleaning, alterations, wedding fashion, and more. With decades of experience, find out why we are a trusted name among designers, New York City boutiques, and celebrities.

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