Suedes and Leathers

Hallak Knows Furs, Suedes and Leathers

Your fur, suedes and leathers are safe at Hallak Cleaners.

Unsure how to care for your furs, suedes and leathers?  Trust Hallak Cleaners’ experts who professionally trained in the most current techniques.  No more wondering how to care for your suede coat or leather handbag. That’s why we are here.

In fact, we are so advanced that other cleaners hold training seminars in our facility.  Nevertheless, we understand that you should always be well-versed in the latest technology. With this in mind, Hallak’s team receives ongoing training year-round.

As experts, our fur, suede and leather department carefully weighs the correct approach for processing.  For instance, a fur coat may require a cleaning and glazing.  While a leather jacket will need a cleaning and protectant.

For  most items, we provide a cleaning and then finishing phase; this consists of replenishing the oils ,which are depleted from the skin in the normal course of cleaning.  By restoring these oils,  items are returned with a soft and supple.  Many leather handbags have been delivered to clients looking better than ever.   And don’t forget your suede boots, Uggs and more. This is where our work stands apart from others. Our promise is to return your skin as close to its original texture and color as humanly possible.

To demonstrate, it is not unusual for several hours to be spent on a single garment to get it “just right”.  Whether you are sending in your wash-and-fold or your couture fur, Hallak’s team is here to make sure you receive the very best.

Storing Your Special Skin Outerwear

Additionally, Hallak also offers cold and box storage.  Your outerwear including special skins are best suited for the cold storage. You may choose to store as-is, freshen up or completely clean.  (Box storage is available for your other wardrobe pieces.)

Questions? Please feel free to email or call (212) 832-0750.  For fashion tips and trends, please feel free to follow us on Instagram!

With all this in mind, it is no surprise Hallak Cleaners is consistently recommended by some of the most prestigious designers of suede and  leather garments.  Along with serving our Bergen County and Manhattan store locations, we also offer pick-up and delivery in the Hamptons, Westchester, Greenwich and Short Hills. In addition, nationwide shipping is also welcome.  (Include your suede, leather and fur with any dry-cleaning or wash-and-fold order.)

Take the guesswork out of cleaning your suedes and leathers

– take them to Hallak cleaners!

Hallak Cleaners is here for you

Because your wardrobe and home deserve the very best