Wedding Services

Wedding Services

Hallak’s Wedding Department is ideal for both the engaged AND the married couple. Our team provides both pre and post wedding day care.

Wedding gowns are a source of both extreme happiness AND stress.   From your wedding’s location to your perfectly manicured toes, there are many essential decisions to be made. Which dress suits both your body type AND your event? What flowers to use in complimenting your ‘theme’? Who is the photographer that understands your vision? And so many more.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut couples know Hallak is a name they can trust. In addition, designers and bridal boutiques rely on our expert care as well.  See our various services offered below.

Pre-Wedding Services

Quick freshening up?  You may be one of the lucky brides whose gown just requires some pressing or steaming prior to The Big Day.

Alterations needed?  Hallak Cleaners offers your an unsurpassed team of artisans for your tailoring and alterations.  Whether you require a hemline shortened or an heirloom remodeled, you will find our alterations staff to be considerate and quite knowledgeable.

Sample Gown Purchased? Please be aware that not all stains may be able to be lifted by a professional dry cleaner.  Also, a gown should definitely be a size relatively close to your.  Although alterations can provide amazing results, major changes can sometimes dramatically change the look of a gown.  With sample gowns, we suggest an in-person evaluation or images sent to so that our team can review your gown properly.

Heirloom & Vintage Wedding Gowns

As a bride who has most likely seen numerous wedding gown styles, you probably agree with the statement that there is a gown out there for everyone.  For the bride who prefers their family’s heirloom or a vintage dress, we can help.  Most vintage pieces do require what we would call a restoration (or wet cleaning).  Please feel free to email images to for a rough estimate or simply stop by either of our locations for an in-person evaluation.

Post Wedding Services

In an instant, though, the big day is over and you   are left with wonderful memories of your wedding.  To fully preserve them, another important decision awaits you – preserving your gown.  Proper cleaning and preservation assure that you  will have your beautiful dress for years to come. It  ensures you are able to treasure and preserve your  gown as a family heirloom – that another special bride will be happy and proud to wear. Learn more about Hallak’s preservation process and try out our Wedding Gown Preservation Cost Estimator.

Hallak Cleaners, the world’s finest wedding and couture gown preservationists, conveniently based in New York City and New Jersey, is a trusted source that can help you with just that.  (Hallak is also part of the ZeroCarbon movement.)

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Questions about wedding services? Email or You can also stop by either of our store locations: Bergen County and Manhattan.

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