Drycleaning by Hallak Cleaners is your wardrobe’s best friend.

Before anything, let us explain the dry cleaning process.  In basic terms, solvents are used to remove stains and odors from fabric.

Why dry cleaning is beneficial?

  • When laundered, silk and wool may shrink or distort.
  • For most garments, it overall prevents shrinkage, loss of color and change of texture/finish.

Now that we have explained the process and benefits, let’s go a step further. Why is Hallak’s dry-cleaning is trusted by New York City’s (and beyond!) fashion enthusiasts?  We are one of about a dozen cleaners worldwide to meet all of the LCI’s strict regulations.  Let’s take a look at your garment’s journey.

A Garment’s Journey at Hallak Cleaners

  • Pre-inspection
  • Detailed itemizing
  • Spot treatment
  • Full, professional cleaning
  • Expert hand-finishing
  • Post-inspection
  • Gift-like packaging

Along with drycleaning, Hallak has also recently introduced wash-and-fold.  For your more casual wear, you may choose to have some items be treated to a more casual touch. However, please know that your clothing will still receive the ‘Hallak touch’.

Men’s Dry Cleaning

Hallak Cleaners understands the importance of the fine lines in a man’s custom wardrobe.

After all, your fashion is the first thing a person sees.  This is why it is so important to trust the professionals with your drycleaning (and finishing).  The Hallak team provides your wardrobe with the attention it deserves.

You can be rest assured your pieces will be returned spotless and pressed to perfection. In addition, we welcome your special instructions.  Let us know your preference on starch levels, folding, creases and more.  Minor repairs are also noted and tended to without any action on your part.  Be sure to include your silk ties, trenches, downcoats and more.

In short, we work to ensure that whether you are in town or traveling, you will always look your best. Hallak cares for your wardrobe – so your time can be devoted to the truly important things that demand your attention.

Women’s Dry Cleaning

Many women’s clothing can often be designed in the most delicate of fabrics  such as silk, velvet, crepe, organza, and more.

Before drycleaning, our expert team evaluates each piece. Depending on the fabric and ornamentation, the proper solvent and process will be selected by our team.  To clarify, extra gentle solvents will protect a garment’s natural fibers and revive their innate colors and textures.  Similarly, a more relaxed process works best for wedding gowns and other embellished couture items.

Love vintage? You will love our restoration experts. Wet cleaning and repairs will have your heirloom and pre-loved pieces looking their very best.  Hallak’s suede and leather department are perfect for your outwear, handbags and shoes.  We are here for your entire wardrobe – and home!

Our highly trained professionals routinely inspect every piece of clothing for problem areas and give special attention when and where it is needed.

Loose and missing buttons, hooks, eyes, and threads, to falling hems and shoulder pads are inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary.

We tend to every detail so that your clothing will look and feel fresh.

Casual Wear

Proper care preserves your casual clothing for long-lasting comfort and wear.

We are keenly aware of the wide variety of fabrics today and their special care requirements. From synthetics and blends to 100 percent natural fibers, your casual clothing has to look its best and wear well.

Whether the process is dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or laundering, we can do what is necessary to make your casual wear look and feel great.

Interested in our services?

Please feel free to stop by either of our locations (Bergen County and Manhattan).  You may also call (212) 832-0750 and speak with one of our customer service representatives.  Complimentary pick-up and delivery in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, Greenwich, Short Hills and the Summer Hampton route. Try Hallak’s app to schedule your pick-up as well.

Find Hallak on Instagram for fashion trends and fun. Looking for a little inspiration? You can also find us on Pinterest.  We’d love to ‘see’ you!

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