Safe Cleaning Guarantee

Hallak Cleaners’ Safe Cleaning Guarantee

Hallak’s Safe Cleaning Guarantee creates an entirely new dynamic between those who design, sell, wear and service fine fashions.

You are all too familiar with the scenario…

A client walks into your boutique carrying a garment on a hanger, covered by a drycleaner’s plastic bag. You needn’t be psychic to predict the first words you will hear. ‘My drycleaner said that this is defective and I should take it back to the store where I purchased it.’

Simply stated, this will never happen with a client who uses Hallak Cleaners.

Our philosophy is simple. The legitimate need to escalate a garment service failure to the level in which we involve the designer/boutique is extremely rare. The overwhelming majority of problems (both actual and perceived) are resolved between ourself and the client quickly and diplomatically. We recognize that the goodwill built over two generations by Hallak Cleaners is fragile. We passionately protect that goodwill.

In the rare instance where there is a legitimate issue with the serviceability of an item, we do not deputize our mutual customer into the role of arbitrator — rather, we reach out to you directly, and review the situation. We can then get together and find a way to keep our mutual client satisfied.

Hallak Cleaners is a Certified Couture Cleaner and founding board member of Leading Cleaners Internationale, a recognized group of the very finest fabricare specialists in the United State, Canada and Australia.  We are one of a handful of dry cleaners endorsed by AIG Private Client Group’s “Comprehensive Coverage for Couture.”



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