Wash and Fold NYC

Wash and Fold NYC Services

Along with our dry cleaning service, Hallak also offers wash and fold in NYC and the Metro area.
We offer free pick-up and delivery in Manhattan, Greenwich, Westchester, and Bergen County. When sending in your dry cleaning, feel free to include a separate laundry bag for your wash-and-fold items.

Wash and Fold NYC Services

At Hallak, we understand that laundry can be time-consuming and tedious. That’s why we offer convenient wash and fold services to simplify your life and ensure your more casual items (and towels) are taken care of. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or simply looking to free up more time for yourself, our wash and fold services are designed for your busy schedule. Let’s schedule your laundry request today.

Quick Peek at Our Services:

  • $9.75 per lb (Currently, reflecting discount.)
  • Minimum 5lbs.
  • Items will need to be in a Hallak laundry bag or your own bag.
  • All bags are cleaned, sanitized and returned.
  • Personal choice of washing preferences including hypoallergenic detergent
  • Bed linens, towels and casual clothing can be included.*

*If an item requires special care outside of wash-and-fold, we will contact you. For heavily stained garments or items in need of repair, please separate so they may receive that extra level of care. Please note that this laundry process does not include pre-treat stains, removal of heavy stains, ironing, or hand-finishing.

Pile of wash-and-fold laundry 

Casual Laundry Services

With our wash and fold services, you can say goodbye to the hassle of doing that other laundry that always manages to pile up. A few years ago, we added this delivery laundry service and our clients were so happy to have this extra garment care available. And due to this being a lower level service than dry cleaning, the delivery time is often less than our dry cleaning turnaround.

Casual clothing, towels, and other household essentials will be washed and folded by our team of washing specialists. At our facility, we utilize premium detergents (including hypoallergenic detergent options) to ensure clean clothes every time.

Convenient and Reliable Clean Laundry

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we strive to make our wash and fold services as convenient and reliable as possible. Simply drop off your laundry at our location, and we’ll take care of the rest. With our fast turnaround times and flexible scheduling options, you can trust us to have your laundry ready when you need it.

Expert Laundry Cleaning Services

If you are already a fan of our dry cleaning premium services, then why not try out our wash and fold services (just be sure to separate items). When using our pick-up form, please mention there will be two separate bags – one for Hallak’s dry cleaning (e.g. couture garments), one for wash-and-fold. Gym garments, blankets, and other everyday laundry are great options for wash-and-fold.

Don’t stress about dirty clothes another day. Call or use the Hallak app for fresh laundry whenever you wish.

You already know that Hallak Cleaners is a leader in the laundry industry. Now experience the convenience and quality of our wash and fold services for yourself? See why our dry-cleaning customers love our other level of laundry as well. Questions? Speak with a member of our customer support team and schedule a pick up time today.

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