Table and Bed Linen Cleaning

Table and bed linens

Expert linen cleaning and finishing by the professionals at Hallak Cleaners.

Table and Bed Linen Cleaning

Along with our dry cleaning services (and wash-and-fold), Hallak offers the same level of care for your towels, bed and table linens.   We understand that luxury linens are an investment.  Trust their care to those who truly care.

For many of our customers, they appreciate the convenience of this service. When preparing your pick-up, throw in your blankets, towels, napkins and more.   In a week (or less), your linens return packaged exquisitely.  If you do not need premium care, try wash-and-fold.  (For example, laundered linens are machine-washed and folded. They are not pressed.)

However, your antique and luxury linens require great care.  Here is a quick look at the care?

  • Initial inspection
  • Spot treatment
  • Professionally cleaning
  • Fine pressing and hand-finishing
  • Final inspection
  • Expert packaging

Bed Linen Cleaning

Frolic in Frette. Lounge in Leron. Power-nap in Pratesi.

From professional stain removal procedures to delicate hand-laundering techniques, your blankets and sheets deserve the very best.  Likewise, the gentle hand-finishing is just as important.  Treat your linens to a “day spa” treatment in the hands of our dedicated specialists.

Additionally, we pay special attention  to embroidery, lace trim, scalloped edges, delicate quiltings, and all the other nuances prevalent in fine linens. The unique softness and hand of these fabrics is safeguarded and maintained.

For instance, your favorite down comforter and duvet cover keep their beauty, softness, warmth.  As important as comfort, linens are clean and sanitized. Equally important, they smell fresh – without the addition of artificial scents.

The only downside to this wonderful service is that your bed linens will feel so exquisite – you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning!  Sadly, Hallak Cleaners cannot provide a “written late excuse” for work or school upon request.

bed linens and pillows, cream and black

Table Linen Care

And let’s not forget your luxury table linens.  Those tablecloths and napkins provide the perfect background.

In the past, they hosted friends and family. Currently, they sit waiting for their next day out.  Before any event or special dinner,  Hallak suggests inspecting your table linens. For example, ‘invisible’ stains have a way of appearing. Even if there are no stains, customers often request a ‘freshening up’.

Include your linens in this week’s pick-up.  Hallak’s in your area! Call (212) 832-0750 or email  For a little tablesetting inspiration, visit us on Pinterest

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