Shirt Laundry

Three levels of shirt laundry

Find out which suits your needs best.

Three Levels of Shirt Laundry

Hallak Cleaners offers three levels of dress shirt laundry.

Depending on the fabric, our department will use the appropriate cleaning methods to remove stains and fully clean your button down shirt. As a couture dry cleaner, we then offer three levels of care focused on finishing.

Basic – After the dry cleaning process, the classic shirt laundry starts with a machine-finished shirt using specially tuned shirt finishing equipment. Your shirt is then given a basic hand touch-up to eliminate any commonly seen impressions left behind with any shirt laundering. This level is suitable for the vast majority of shirts. 80% of our clients elect for the Basic level.

Deluxe – The Deluxe shirt service includes level proper shirt care and machine finishing. It is then followed by extensive hand touch-ups, which approximates a fully hand-finished shirt at a fraction of the cost. Button up shirts are packaged individually to maintain the quality finish.

Premium  – Introducing the ultimate “spa treatment” for you very finest shirts. Hallak’s executive shirt laundry is perfect for your custom shirts and delicate voile shirts.  Each clean and well-pressed shirt is fully hand-finished and packaged individually. ( Unless requested otherwise, the sleeves  are carefully stuffed to preserve the fine French-laundry look.)

Before and after care, all dress shirts receive a detailed quality inspection

Request a dry cleaning price list by emailing info@ or you can schedule a pick-up now. Learn more about delivery service and schedule here.

men's shirt laundering, photo of different shirts including green, purple, gray, blue and gold

At Hallak, we pay close attention to your shirts’ details. So you don’t have to.

Broken buttons, yellowed white shirt, oil-based stains, etc. Our cleaning department has seen it all.  Hallak Cleaners’ approach to shirt cleaning is providing a full clean;  we even address “invisible dirt” and stains that may cause trouble areas later. And then finish with the proper level of care.

Everyday sweat stains are no match for our expert stain removal technicians! Heavily stained white shirts may require a more advanced process such as Hallak’s wet cleaning process. It is why regular garment maintenance is ideal. Don’t allow stains to settle in. Stop by or schedule our pick-up today.

Custom Dress Shirt Laundry Services

Hallak’s expert team specializes in bespoke and custom shirts such as: Turnbull & Asser, Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna, Stefano Ricci, and bespoke investment pieces.

By utilizing innovative equipment, our specially trained staff impart a professional finish with smooth surfaces. In addition, expect perfect collars, cuffs and straight crisp button plackets. As instructed by you, shirts are returned on hangers or folded.

A Careful inspection ensures that buttons are tightened or replaced as needed. Our “Button Guarantee” -If you get a shirt back with a missing button – your next 5 shirts are FREE! Additionally, Hallak also has a Safe Cleaning Guarantee. Like women’s clothing, men’s clothing dry cleaning deserves the same level of TLC.

Additional Professional Dry Cleaning Services

Scheduling a pick-up? Be sure to include your briefcase, suit, silk ties, and other accessories. Hallak’s friendly staff makes it our mission to provide you the best dry cleaning experience.

With whatever level of shirt laundry chosen, expect amazing quality care each and every time.