Washing Symbol Chart

Washing Symbol Chart

Care Symbol Chart

Do you ever wonder what a washing symbol chart is trying to tell you?  Learn how to decipher the series of hieroglyphics popping up on your laundry’s care labels.  Above you will find some of the more common symbols related to washing, temperature, cycles and finishing of an item.

However, it is important to keep in mind that some clothing care labels are placed on garments prior to their embellishments.  Therefore, the instructions may not be applicable to the newly adornments such as sequins and beading.  Typically, these types of items will have a label instructing dry clean only.  For other garments, a machine washing or wash-and-fold service would be completely fine.

Even the experts at Hallak Cleaners look at labels. It’s important to take into consideration a garment’s fabric(s), ornamentation, and current condition prior to any care.

Have you ever wondered if you should remove a care label? At the time of purchase, garments are required to have a label so it can be used as an aid in the consumer’s consideration.  Under the 1972 Care Label Amendment,  all manufacturers and importers must have at least one safe method of cleaning specified on a “permanent” label.  While we understand that some labels are placed in an uncomfortable area, it is best to leave it intact.

Remember! Before washing your clothing, be sure to check the wash symbol cart. If you have questions, then feel free to stop by either store location or give us a call.

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