Ugg Cleaning

Keep your Ugg boots, slippers, and shoes looking their very best.

Have you put off cleaning your Uggs? By putting off regular maintenance, your allowing stains to settle in. Let’s remove the signs of wear-and-tear. Trust in a professional Ugg cleaner like Hallak Cleaners.

How Often is Ugg Cleaning Necessary?

Many times, Uggs are a go-to for spring, fall, and winter. This means your shoes and boots are seeing a lot of the outside elements. As they are worn so often, it may be hard to decide the best time to hand them over to a cleaningservice. (Hallak offers a quick turnaround so you don’t have to fear!)

Regularly, you should be inspecting your Uggs. Look for water stains, spots, scuff marks, and other troublesome areas. If you start to notice some issues, it’s time to make a call or visit to your nearest Hallak Cleaners. (Out-of-the-area clients love our courier care.)

How We Care for Your Uggs

At Hallak, any accessory or clothing care starts with a thorough inspection. We are looking at your overall footwear also including the sole and stitching.

Then, it’s off for a little spot cleaning prior to overall clean. Ice salt, grease, water spots and other stains will carefully be removed. For heavier soiled items, we may need to restore the color in some areas. (Even clean water can leave their mark. And if you get caught in rain or winter snow, be sure to allow your Uggs to air dry.)

A good dry cleaner will not only clean Ugg boots, but also include a protectant spray. This will keep your pairs looking great until their next visit!

We offer a specialized cleaning service for any shoe / boot style and size. Services include complete cleaning (inside and outside), color restoration, stain removal, water protectant spray, repairs (seam and tears) and zipper replacement*.

Expert Ugg Care

Basic cleaning includes some general color restoration and a water-repellent treatment. Heavily soiled or damaged items requiring extra care will incur additional fees. Please feel free to email any helpful information including images.

There is pretty much nothing cozier than a pair of clean Uggs! So let’s get yours looking and feeling their best again. Turn to an Ugg cleaner you can trust – Hallak Cleaners.

In addition to Uggs, Hallak is a full service couture dry cleaner with a specialty suede and leather cleaning department.

Hallak has two store locations – Bergen County and Manhattan . In addition to stopping by, you may schedule a pick-up. Free delivery is available in New York City, Westchester, Greenwich, Hamptons (seasonal), Bergen County, and the Short Hills.

Out of the area? Join many out-of-state Ugg care clients that ship their items directly to Hallak’s New Jersey store (adjacent to our award-winning plant).

Schedule your Ugg Cleaning pick-up today by calling (212) 832-0750 or using the Hallak app . And follow Hallak on Instagram for fashion tips and trends .

"After being totally disappointed with another UGG cleaning and restoration business in MO, I sent a pair of UGG slippers to Hallak. They needed cleaning, color restoration, and repair (torn heel). After a few email exchanges and a phone call they proceeded with the job....and it was a great job. The repair, despite not being on a seem is unnoticeable. But more important, they really did an incredible job on the color restoration. The shoes look brand new. I purchased these in Tokyo a few years back and this style is no longer available. Thanks to Hallak, I get to enjoy them for a few more years. Fast turn around and very reasonable pricing."
Chris F.

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