Clothing Storage Services

Have you asked about our clothing storage services?


Hallak knows no bounds for clothing storage…

Is your closet big enough for both your summer and winter garments?

Hallak’s clothing storage options are perfect for clearing out your closet and making room for current seasonal clothes. With unsurpassed flexibility, allow Hallak Cleaners to help you manage seasonal transitions.

Box Storage vs. Cold Storage


Box Storage

  • Available for non-outerwear items such as suits, sweaters, slacks, etc.
  • All items must be cleaned prior to being placed in box storage.
  • Box storage of winter clothing expires on December 31st of the calendar year.
  • A $50 account setup fee is charged for each storage season.  After this, you simply pay the normal cleaning charges for each item.  There is no minimum or maximum amount of garments.  You may add to your ‘virtual’ storage box as often as you like up until June 30th.

Changing over your seasonal wardrobe is easier than you think.  Your closet can be ready in as little as three steps.

  1. Pull past season’s fashions out of closet.
  2. Drop off or have Hallak pick up your items with a completed box storage form.
  3. Update closet with this season’s wardrobe.


Cold Storage (Choose one of three options.)

Storage Only

($85.00 Flat Rate)

Garment returned in same condition as received – simple storage.

Storage & Freshening Up

($65.00 + Normal Pressing Charge)

Garment is professionally pressed and inspected for minor repairs. (No cleaning.)

Storage with Full Cleaning

($45.00 + Normal Cleaning Charge)

Garment is professionally cleaned, pressed and inspected for minor repairs.

Interested in cold storage? Please complete our cold storage form and return with your items.

Please call one of our service representatives to discuss storage options and arrange your pick-up.




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