Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

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Wedding gown cleaning and preservation is a specialty.  While many cleaners may offer this service, Hallak prides ourselves on being the very best.

As a member of many wedding groups (e.g. Association of Wedding Gown Specialists), our wedding department continuously trains and stays on trend.  We view wedding services as a balance of both science (in the cleaning and finishing) and fashion itself.

In general, each wedding season brings new designs and styles.  For example, 3-D designs and ornamentation are increasingly popular.  Similarly to the new style, there are new ways to care for them.  Through knowledge and testing, the true experts are able to handle any new trend.

Wedding Gown Care Experts

For more than half a century, Hallak Cleaners is a trusted name among couples, design houses, boutiques and more. From pre-wedding alterations to post-wedding preservations, we are here for you.   In fact, Hallak is recognized as one of the leading couture cleaners worldwide.  Specifically, we are one of only a few Leading Cleaners Internationale certified cleaners.

Wedding Gown Cleaning versus Preservation

Before deciding on a wedding gown cleaning or a wedding gown cleaning and preservation, think about your post-wedding intentions.

On the whole, a cleaning is necessary.  With whatever you choose, your gown’s cleaning is necessary.  Fortunately, it is also the cornerstone of a preservation. (See, you are already halfway there!)

Hallak Cleaners is renowned for its unique processes and capabilities. In fact, the company opens its plant regularly to visitors who come from Japan, Europe, and all over  to observe its operations.

What is a preservation?  Preservation is not a specific process that is done to the gown; it doesn’t require some sort of special solvent or treatment.  Preservation is a professional full cleaning and then proper storage.  All of our wedding gowns are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and then stored within a museum-quality preservation box.  It is NOT sealed.  Garments should be able to breathe.  

All of our wedding gown preservations come with a lifetime guarantee backed by both us and the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.  Along with your wedding gown box, you will receive specific instructions on how to keep your gown looking it’s best.  For further information, please email or call (212) 832-0750.

*We offer complimentary pick up and delivery in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, and Greenwich.  All wedding gown preservations also qualify for complimentary nationwide shipping.

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