Area Rug Cleaning

The Area Rug Cleaning

The task of area rug cleaning is put aside or simply forget about.  Until there is a stain nagging at you, area rugs are often overlooked They are meant to be walked on – and  tend to collect everything (e.g. dirt, allergens).

Along with Hallak’s dry cleaning and wash-and-fold services, we provide home furnishing care as well.

A peek at Hallak’s Interior Specialty Services

To be the best carpet cleaner, it takes years of experience. Hallak’s expert team continuously stays on top of the latest in technology and solvents. Then, they are able to provide you family-friendly cleaning solutions for your throw rugs and more. Your items will be cared for with non-toxic cleaners with no lasting odor.  

Complimentary consultations are only a phone call away – (212) 832-0750. You may also email our interior specialists at

Accidental spill? Normal wear and tear?  Leave cleaning these investment home furnishings to the professionals at Hallak.  Many clients choose our experts to assist in their big seasonal cleaning projects. All year-long you provide helpful maintenance cleaning. A few times a year, allow a pro’s deep cleaning techniques for the heavy work. Dust, dirt and other allergens can become embedded in carpets and area rugs.  We use the very latest in environmentally-friendly techniques.

Hallak Cleaners is one of the world’s leading dry cleaners. For larger projects (including restorations), Hallak travels outside of our regular service area (Manhattan, Bergen County, Hamptons, Westchester and Greenwich).   In brief, our knowledge and care is unsurpassed. Questions? We welcome you to learn more about our green-friendly practices and more.

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