Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Looking for area rug and carpet cleaning experts in your area? These are two of our specialized interior services. See why Hallak is a trusted name for carpet cleaning services.

Normal foot traffic leaves dirt over time. Like all floors, there is also the additional dust, dander, and other allergens that settle in. In addition to the every day wear-and-tear, there are also spills and pet stains mixed in.

Unlike hardwood floor cleaning, area rugs and carpets require professional expert cleaning services in addition to regular maintenance. This does not mean that a proper cleaning requires harsh chemicals. It simply means that a more thorough carpet cleaning process is needed. (This goes beyond your regular vacuuming.)

Carpet cleaning specialists will be able to properly spot clean specific stains. Expert equipment allows for thorough deep cleaning using eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Treatment services can also include odor removal, pet odor treatment, water damage restoration, and more.

While your floor decor may look clean, it is often surprising just how ‘dirty’ they actually are. And if you have allergies, it is especially important to clean rugs and carpets regularly.

Have you every googled how often should you clean area rugs, carpets and other interior details? All the varied answers can be confusing. A good rule of thumb is to take a rug or carpet’s foot traffic into consideration. Some may require more frequent cleaning. Of course, any and all stains should be treated right away.

A peek at Hallak’s Interior Specialty Services


As you may have guessed, it is not easy to be one of the best cleaners in the world. Therefore, Hallak’s expert team continuously stays on top of the latest in technology and solvents. Then, provides family-friendly cleaning solutions for your throw rugs and more. Our specialty – non-toxic cleaners with no lasting odor. Certain area rugs (and other home furnishings) can be cleaned off-site. Free pick-up and delivery is available in the NewYork Metropolitan area including New Jersey and Connecticut.

Complimentary consultations are only a phone call away – (212) 832-0750. You may also email our interior specialists at

Accidental spill? Normal wear and tear? Leave cleaning investment home furnishings to Hallak’s professionals. Many clients choose our experts to assist in their big seasonal cleaning projects. All year-long you provide helpful maintenance cleaning. A few times a year, elect for a professional carpet & rug cleaning.

Hallak Cleaners is one of the world’s leading dry cleaners. For larger projects (including restorations), Hallak travels outside the regular service area (Manhattan, Bergen County, Hamptons, Westchester and Greenwich). Additionally, we work in tandem with your insurance agencies. Restoration emergency services include construction clean-up, smoke, water and fire. In brief, our knowledge and care is unsurpassed. Questions? We welcome you to learn more about our green-friendly practices and more. Call or message our carpet cleaning experts today.

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