Table Linen Cleaning

Table Linen Cleaning

Your luxury table linens deserve a special level of TLC.

Hallak’s table linen cleaning is the best of the best.  You already trust us with your wardrobe so trusting us with your linens only makes sense.

Linen napkins are not just for special occasions.  They are environmentally friendly – and also look nicer than a paper napkin.  We can say the same for tablecloths.  Linen cleaning is perfect service addition for your household.

When your table linens arrive, they will be expertly inspected for stains, tears and other ‘trouble spots’.  Before being cleaned, we will spot treat those specific areas. Then, your table coverings will be fully cleaned, pressed and packaged ever-so-pretty. Finally, they will be returned ready for your next meal.

In addition, your specialty linens certainly require that extra level of attention.  During the holidays, we tend to take out our very best including our table coverings. Trust their care to Hallak’s expert linen team. With years of experience behind them, you know that they are in the best of hands. Bed linens are also welcome. Schedule your pick-up of blankets, quilts, comforters, Frette sheets and more.

Vintage Table Linen Care

While your vintage linens may not be used, they still may require care.  Hallak has a team of restoration specialists. They will fully inspect and assess the proper treatment.  Our vintage care goes beyond heirloom wedding gowns, quilts and dolls.

In order to protect your table coverings, it is important to clean them sooner rather than later. When you allow stains to sit, you increase the chance of them not lifting.  Also, certain stains require a different technique to lift.  It is why we suggest leaving spot-treatments to the experts.

Schedule Your Pick-Up Today

With this in mind, we encourage you to include your table linen cleaning with your next pick-up or drop-off.  Allow Hallak to be there for you and all your fabric care needs.

Hallak offers complimentary pick-up and delivery in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester, Greenwich, Short Hills and the Hamptons (summer route).  Schedule your pick-up today using our Hallak app or calling (212) 832-0750. For some table setting inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

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