Wedding Dress Cleaning

Pre and Post Wedding Services Available

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Pre and Post Wedding Garment Care Services Available.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & More

With over fifty-five years of caring for couple’s wedding attire, Hallak is a name you can trust. Our specialized wedding department provides various services including: alterations, tailoring, tuxedo cleaning, finishing, sample gown cleaning, antique / heirloom restoration and preservation. (All post wedding gown preservations come with a lifetime guarantee.)

Pre and Post Wedding Fashion Care

Wedding fashion is unique as the couple being married. Therefore, we treat each piece with such an attention to detail. 

For example, here is a wedding gown’s cleaning journey at Hallak Cleaners:

  • Upon arrival, it will be thoroughly inspected.  Here, we will be looking for fabric(s), stain(s), pulls, broken bustle hooks and more.  At this time, any beads or other ornamentation will be tested.  (Minor repairs are also completed at this point.)
  • Next, gowns will be pre-spotted and then fully cleaned.  Hallak’s experts routinely receive training on the latest in solvents and processes.
  • Immediately after cleaning, your dress will be expertly hand-finished. Simultaneously, the finisher will also be inspecting.
  • Following finishing, the final inspection.

Whether you require pre or post wedding services, Hallak’s team is here. 

Complimentary pick up and delivery available in Manhattan, Bergen County, Greenwich, Hamptons, Westchester and the Short Hills neighborhood.  Hallak Cleaners provides wedding garment care for couples out of our service are, out-of-state and out-of-the-country.

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