Clothing Inspection

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At Hallak Cleaners, there are many departments that work together to deliver your clothing ready-to-wear.  In the beginning of a garment’s journey at Hallak Cleaners, it receives a thorough initial clothing inspection. Here are some items we commonly check for:

  • Personal articles left in pockets, etc.
  • Missing or loose buttons, hooks and eyes
  • Torn pockets
  • Open or loose seams
  • Linings requiring TLC
  • Zipper check
  • Areas in need of being retacked

After being inspected, your clothing continues it’s travel through our state-of-the-art plant.  Each area is composed of various experts with many years of experience.  During the final stages, your garment is inspected once more.  Clothing inspection is an intricate part of our service.  It is what sets us apart from other dry cleaners.  When you leave an item in our hands, you can walk away knowing we will not only address issues you may have pointed out but others you may not have seen.  We hope that you find great comfort in knowing your clothing is in the finest hands possible.