July 2021 Swimwear Care Check-In

July 2021 Swimwear Care Check-In

Here’s your official July 2021 Swimwear Care Check-In! After a day by the pool or laying on the beach, many people are guilty of not taking the time to properly care for their swimwear. Hallak is your trusted fabric care expert so who better than to share some quick care suggestions.  With these helpful tips, you will be thankful you took those extra few minutes.

  • After each dip in the pool or ocean, you should rinse off as best as possible.  Even if you plan on going again, a cool rinse will help remove some of the chemicals, salt or sand.
  • All done for the day? You should remove and care for your suit as soon as possible.
    • Rinse your suit thoroughly.
    • Then, submerge your suit (inside out) in a sink of cool water with a swimsuit solvent.*  For a few minutes, gently swish around.
    • Follow with a thorough rinsing.
    • Squeeze your suit (do not wring) any remaining water out.
    • Allow your suit to air dry naturally – out of the sun’s rays.

*In a pinch, you may use a gentle laundry detergent or dab of shampoo.  However, you do run the risk of using something that may be a tad too harsh for a suit’s gentle fabric.

For those heavy beach or pool days, you wish to purchase less expensive swimwear. This is also recommended for hot tub nights.  Enjoy more of your day without the worry!

Hallak hopes you enjoyed these helpful tips and video. Questions? You may always call one of our talented team members at (212) 832-0750.

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