Destination Wedding Services

Destination Wedding Services

Destination wedding services can sometimes be a little different than what is needed for a local event.  It is important to ask yourself (and trusted wedding professionals) questions such as:

  • How will I be traveling to my destination?
  • How long is the travel time?
  • What is the expected weather?
  • Does the venue/resort have any garment care capabilities?

Pre Destination Wedding Services

Before you head off, it is important that your garments are carefully packed.  During travel, items may shift which may cause wrinkles, bunching, etc.  Hallak’s team suggests items be ‘finished’ prior to your trip.  However, most clothing will require a touch-up upon landing.  Therefore, you may wish to contact your resort or venue to see if they can help with any steaming or pressing. And don’t forget about Hallak’s expert wedding alterations.  Bridal and tuxedo tailoring are a speciality.

Questions?  Hallak’s Wedding Consultant would be happy to work with you and your venue in arranging certain specifics.  Please feel free to email or call (212) 832-0750 today.

Post Destination Wedding Services

Can you believe it?  It’s official!  After your big day, you may opt to ship your items to your favorite, trusted cleaners (yours truly?) – or travel back with items in tow.  Moreover, Hallak is a member of many wedding expert organizations including the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.  Either way, you will want to prepare pieces for their return trip.  For example, garment bags will work perfectly should you be packing clothing in your suitcases.

Lastly, you have arrived home in honeymoon bliss.  What are the next steps?  Ask for your complimentary cleaning (and possible preservation) estimates.  You are welcome to stop by to either of our store locations or schedule an evaluation pick-up.  Additionally, free pick-up and delivery is available in the New York Metropolitan area.

Curious about our destination wedding services? Email today. Are you looking for a little wedding inspiration? Find us on Pinterest.

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