LGBTQ+ Wedding Planning

LGBTQ+ Wedding Planning

LGBTQ wedding planning should be exciting and fun. Although there may be some possible additional challenges, you hopefully can find some wonderful wedding professionals to assist you along the way.

A great place to start is a wedding planner that has worked previously with a gay couple. They would already have a strong sense of the wedding planning process. In addition, they may have some lgbtq wedding professionals in mind; those vendors that are either lgbtq+ or same sex marriage friendly. (You always want to choose professionals who who support you and the community.)

At Hallak Cleaners, we love love. It is a shared hope by all of our team members that every couple can have their dream wedding. And if we can be a part of it, then even better! Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to meet with couples planning their same sex wedding.

In theory, a lgbtq wedding should not be treated any different. After all, we simply should all be focusing on creating a dream wedding for the couple. Yes, we completely support marriage equality. However, it goes beyond a legal marriagelicense. It is important that couples truly feel supported.

Planning Your LGBTQ Wedding

  1. Traditions. Many traditional wedding ideas (and decor) are outdated – and directed more towards a straight wedding. A clear example is the defined groomsmen and bridesmaids. Your wedding party does not have to be confind by gender. Choose who you wish to stand by you on your special day.
  2. Showers. Long-gone are the strict rules of having a bridal shower. Many wedding couples are choosing to have a shower that invites the wedding party, family, and friends. It is about the celebration of their love so why not invite everyone? Think of it as a pre-celebration. More chances to celebrate your love? Sounds amazing to us.
  3. Father-Bride / Mother – Groom Dance. For an lgbtq couple, there may be some lack of support from their family. So don’t limit or cancel this sweet moment. Was there someone that has stood by you? Along with having them at your ceremony, make them a part of the reception. Share a special dance on your special day.
  4. Vows. Steer away from the traditional vows that may not be suited for your dream wedding. Even if writing your own seems daunting, the efforts may be well worth it. When you speak from the heart, you really can’t go wrong. Fortunately, there are also plenty of places to find inspiration (and words) to help you along your vow writing journey.
  5. Legality. Unfortunately, there are still places where same sex marriage is not legal. If you had a destination wedding location in mind, this may limit your options. Clearly, there is still work to be done. Did you know that the Netherlands became the first nation to legalize gay marriage in 2001? This led the way for other countries – and a positive step for the lgbtq community.
  6. Vendors.Finding the right Inclusive wedding services begin with love -our love of caring for all couples and your love as a couple. Every marriage ceremony and reception is special to us. Micro, luxurious, same-sex, gay-friendly… love is love at Hallak Cleaners . And what is so wonderful about fashion is that it welcomes every wedding couple too.

Obviously, we could not possibly cover every aspect of wedding planning. Each wedding is so unique and so are all those details. It is important to fine an event planner that understands an lgbt wedding. There is no complete guide, but there are some important areas to consider when it comes to steering away from more conservative wedding traditions. It’s your big day – and you want it to feel like it was designed with your love in mind.

Looking at inspirational Pinterest boards and visiting wedding platforms are a great start. Wedding venue. Wedding invitation. Wedding ceremony. And that’s just a few items on your to-do list. Fortunately, there is a whole wedding industry just waiting to help! They have worked with lgbt couples so you will certainly have your options. The trick is choosing those must-haves – and then moving on from there. When you are working on a budget, it is expecially important to decide on those priorities prior to planning. Wedding budgets can grow out of hand quite quickly!

Wedding Fashion

Today’s weddings no longer dictate wedding gowns for brides and tuxedos for  grooms. What do you feel comfortable in? What will make you feel like this is your big day? While you may want to keep it simple and casual, there is also nothing wrong with being a little extra.  With so many pictures are on their way, you may want a special look for this occasion. 

For over 50+ years, the Hallak family has been helping generations of couples look picture perfect on their special day. Fortunately, we have understood the importance in welcoming all through our doors. If you are interested in great looking wedding fashion, then we are here for you. Simple as that.


Hallak’s wedding department provides services such as:

  • alterations
  • tailoring
  • finishing
  • cleaning
  • restoration
  • preservation

Above all, we provide passionate customer service. Our team takes its responsibility to you, the happy couple, very seriously. It is why we go above and beyond with communication, expert fabric care and responsiveness. Call (212) 832-0750 to ask any questions you may or schedule a complimentary consultation.

When it comes to tailoring and alterations, it is important that you stop by for a visit. This way, our team may  understand your garment’s lines, fabric, and work needed. Please note that this is a stress-free, commitment-free visit. We simply want to provide you with the right information to make an informative decision.

 Often, Hallak will help many people in a wedding party including parent-in-laws and others. If you are interested in group services, please email Our wedding consultant would be happy to assist you with any questions, concerns and appointments.

Have you been following Hallak Weddings on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest ? Don’t forget that Hallak is also on Instagram. When presenting wedding ideas and tips, they are meant for everyone. If you feel that we are missing an important area, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to message us directly through social media. If wedding fashion care is part of your lgbtq+ wedding planning, then Hallak is a great place to start.

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