Customer Testimonial

I recently brought to you an Ostrich bag that was fairly new however, I made a very big mistake and placed it next to me on the floor in a busy restaurant bar and did not realize there was food with an oil base that had fallen in that area (my luck!) To my horror, the stain was the size of a baseball and figured my very expensive designer bad was ruined. I went to the internet and did a search of who was the best and yes, your name came up. I read all reviews (mostly wonderful ones) and came to see you Jan 25th…..well I have received my bag back and you have certainly “shocked” me as there is no trace of a stain left. I can’t tell you how happy I am and would definitely recommend you, and I WILL BE BACK FOR ANY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE THAT IS NEEDED. Trust me….I felt there was no way that stain could be removed and you DID IT! Thank you.


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