Hallak’s Out-of-State Friends


“I am a new customer and have received your very kind letter.

I live in St. Louis and was given your name thru the Zero and Corneja store in SoHo….I had purchased my most FAVORITE  Zero silk top from Stanley Korshak in Dallas. They said it would be expensive if I called your cleaners but I didn’t care at this point. 

I was devastated after dinner one nite with my girlfriends…. I carried my leftovers of a pork chop hope and accidentally tilted the box only to have the grease and juices run down the front of my favorite top.

I took it to my cleaners here but truthfully didn’t trust anyone plus they didn’t think it could be cleaned.

In all honesty Jean- Claude…. I am soooo very impressed with your style of doing business. From the 
minute I called and got the address in New Jersey…. to the phone call to verify the package they received….to the phone call for my charge…. to the very professional way of shipping… now to your kind letter…. it was all first class… worth every single penny…. every single person I dealt with was soooo very kind…. 

I could go on and on!!!! Thank you for taking the time to write a letter to me. If I have another spill I know who I’m calling!”

Nancy R., Texas


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