What to Wear to A Casual Holiday Party

Wondering what to wear to a casual holiday party?

The holiday season is here so your social calendar has most likely started to fill up. While this time of year is so fun, it also can be quite stressful. And it leaves many wondering what to wear to each different type of holiday party.

When it comes to any party, it is important to dress appropriately. A proper party invitation should give you an inkling as to what you should wear. If you’re throwing an event, please keep this in mind! Don’t assume people will just know what to wear. Your guests will thank you for it. The holiday season is very special so you definitely will want to look and feel your best. You can still make a positive statement at a more casual holiday party.

Defining the Casual Dress Code

So you received a casual holiday party. Now what?

When it comes to a casual event, it is important to strike the right balance between laidback and holiday festive. If you have received the invitation, look for any special dress code indications. Most likely, you’ll have a good understanding of the event based on the time, venue space, and theme.

Friend’s house? Daytime event? Ugly sweater party? You know it’s going to be casual and you’re going to be comfortable. This does not mean that you aren’t going to look amazing.

Men’s Casual Party Clothing

Consider a smart casual approach, opting for a well-fitted button-down shirt paired with tailored pants or dark denim jeans. This combination exudes a relaxed yet polished vibe. They also offer the versatility for various types of gatherings. To infuse a festive touch, choose shirts in seasonal colors or festive patterns. Experiment with layering—a crew-neck sweater over a collared shirt can add both warmth and style. Completing the look with stylish yet comfortable footwear, such as loafers or desert boots, will ensure you’re ready for a night of celebration.

Other great choices:

  • Casual suit with no tie or layered with sweater
  • Blue jeans or black jeans

Women’s Casual Party Clothing

When it comes to female attire, there is a myriad of stylish options to choose from. A classic choice is pairing a cozy, festive sweater with tailored jeans or chic leggings; this creates a comfortable yet trendy ensemble. If you prefer a dress, consider a versatile wrap dress in a seasonal shade or patter. What’s great about a pretty dress is that they offer a feminine and easy-to-wear option that transitions seamlessly from day to night. To play with your look, accessorize in a way that either accents or elevates your look.

If you are attending a casual holiday event and plan on going out later, a dress or simple outfit can work for both types of festive parties. Quick example – Your chosen outfit black pants, nice top, and jacket. For a casual look, pair with cute pair of boots, purse, and daily jewelry. For a more formal look, change up sparkle pumps, clutch, and statement necklace. Keep or leave jacket at home.

Other garment choices:

  • Basic black dress or little black dress
  • Velvet pants paired with a bodysuit and blazer
  • Comfortable midi skirt with velvet blouse

Additional Casual Holiday Dressing

Ugly Christmas sweater party? This is the easiest holiday party outfit to choose! Coordinate with friends or straight up class and make it ugly-cute. If you don’t want to fully commit, wear an ugly vest or festive cardigan over a cocktail dress.

Consider coordinating outfits as they can create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic. Layering is key for both warmth and style, allowing each of you to showcase their unique fashion sense while still looking like part of a group.

When selecting your attire for a casual holiday party, take into account the weather and seasonal elements. Opt for fabrics that provide warmth without sacrificing style, such as velvet or wool blends. Embrace seasonal colors like deep reds, greens, and metallics to add a festive touch to your ensemble. Don’t forget weather-appropriate outerwear for arrival and departure—it can be both functional and fashionable.

Casual Holiday Party Fashion – The Dos and Don’ts

Avoid fashion mishaps with some dos and don’ts.

The Dos

  1. Follow the Dress Code: If one isn’t provided, then feel free to ask the host. By starting with the understanding of the dress code specified in the invitation, you’ll feel more comfortable at your event. (Even dressing more formal at a casual event can leave you feeling a little out of place.) Whether it’s a “casual chic” or “festive attire,” adhering to the provided guidelines ensures that your outfit is appropriate for the occasion.
  2. Consider the Venue and Theme: Use the location, theme, and time into consideration when determining your outfit choice. A casual gathering at a friend’s house may have a different vibe than a more formal event at a rented venue. Tailor your clothing choices to match the ambiance.
  3. Balance Comfort and Style: It’s okay aim for both comfort and style. This means, choosing fabrics that are comfortable for an extended period of wear, especially if the party involves dancing or other activities. However, ensure that your outfit reflects a festive and put-together appearance. For example, comfortable flats or shoes over your daily sneakers.
  4. Accessorize Thoughtfully: As mentioned earlier, accessories can really elevate a casual outfit. Consider adding festive accessories like statement jewelry, bold scarves, or a stylish watch to enhance your look without going overboard.


  1. Overdress or Underdress: Avoid extremes on the formality scale. Overdressing can make you feel out of place in a casual setting, while underdressing can certainly leave you uncomfortable …or outside of an event.
  2. Overly Flashy Accessories: While accessories can enhance your outfit, you can also end up overdoing it. Try to avoid overly flashy or distracting accessories that may draw attention away from your overall look. Opt for tasteful choices that complement your attire.
  3. Experiment with Uncomfortable Footwear: While stylish footwear is essential, avoid choosing shoes that sacrifice comfort. You want to be able to enjoy the festivities without the discomfort of pinched toes or sore feet. Select footwear that is both stylish and comfortable for the occasion. Or be sure to have worn them previously. Breaking in shoes can really make a difference. (Many of us are shaking our heads in unison since we’ve been there.)
  4. Forget to Check for Wardrobe Malfunctions: Before heading out, do a quick check for any wardrobe malfunctions. Ensure that everything is in place, and there are no unexpected surprises that might make you feel self-conscious during the party. This proactive step can save you from potential awkward moments. That’s why they make garment tape and other helpful fashion tools. Trust in them!

How Hallak Cleaners Can Help

Hallak Cleaners loves a great holiday party. And we love great holiday party fashion!

Before your special event, take a look at your closet. If you plan on wearing something you already own, inspect to see if the garment needs a cleaning, alterations, repair, or press. And if you purchase something new, you should inspect for the same items. Remember clothes should compliment your unique shape. That’s why tailoring and alterations are so wonderful!

Is your New Year’s Eve sequin top missing a few sequins? Allow us to help. Before you hit that dance floor we’ll make sure that your party dress fits you perfectly so you can dance the night away. Feel free to stop by either of our store locations or give us a call.

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