New York Fashion Week Street Style

During the months of September and February, New York shines a little bit brighter whether it is New York Fashion Week street style or the couture fashion hitting the runways.

Why is New York Fashion Week Important

Before jumping into the street style side of things, why is NYFW important overall? It’s not just an event. Fashion Week is a celebration of art, innovative designs, and self-expression.

  1. Innovation. Worldwide fashion designers flock to New York City to showcase their latest collection. Trends are born and boundaries are pushed.
  2. Diversity. Throughout NYFW, diversity is celebrated in all its forms. Various cultures, backgrounds, and styles converge to promote a continuous push to further promote inclusivity.
  3. Trendsetting. What you see during New York Fashion Week will dictate the upcoming seasons. Even if you aren’t a fashion designer collector, these trends spill into every price point. The whole fashion industry takes its cues and inspiration from these runway shows.
  4. Iconic. There is always a huge buzz – and it’s because there is sure to be so many iconic moments. Former super models, models making their special debut, avant-garde fashion, celebrity sightings…what more can you ask for?
  5. Inspiration. New York Fashion Week is the ultimate time to inspire fashion designers, future students, and fashionistas to express themselves through personal style.

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New York Fashion Week Street Style

Yes, the elaborate (and sometimes minimalist) runway shows are awe-inspiring and something to talk about. Each runway show is captivated through fashion bloggers, news articles, and a flurry of photos. But what’s happening around the runway is also very alluring.

When NYFW rolls around, we are also counting down to see what people will be wearing to the runways shows. Street style is just as important – and sometimes even more so since it can be more attainable.

  1. Real-World Inspiration: Love runway fashion, but maybe you don’t have the lifestyle to compliment it? Many people find themselves in the same predicament. Street style showcases a more relatable version of fashion inspiration.
  2. Diverse Representation: NYFW street style highlights a wide range of styles, cultures, ages, and backgrounds. And that’s what is so beautiful about fashion. When it reflects the rich tapestry of New York City’s fashion scene, it ends up serving as a source of inspiration for people from all walks of life.
  3. Trendspotting: Fortunately, street style photographers capture every emerging trend and fashion innovation that may not have made it to the runway yet. From these looks, fashion lovers and designers use celebrity street style to identify trends that should not go unnoticed.

Celebrity Fashion at NYFW

When we think of Fashion Week, there are two things that come to mind: runway fashion and celebrity fashion.

Before the runway shows even start, photographers are lined up to see which celeb will be in attendance – and what will they be wearing. (Of course once inside, it will be who capturing who is sitting in the very coveted front row.)

Whether they are supporting their favorite fashion designer or garnering publicity, celebrities are an integral part of NYFW.  And if you love fashion as much as us, you are here for all of it.

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