Questions Answered, Special Discount & Temporary Store Hours

March 19, 2020

Dear Valued Clients and friends,

First and foremost, the Hallak family would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone during these very trying times in dealing with Covid-19. New Yorkers and the tri-state area are made up of fighters and survivors, and this time will be no different. (Please be sure to scroll below to see our temporary New York store hours.)

We have been getting many calls asking about the effect dry cleaning has on Covid-19. The CDC advises that the drycleaning process, which includes cleaning and pressing, is effective on most viruses.

Laundering at approximately  150 F, drying and pressing has also been found effective on most viruses.  We will continue to monitor the data from the CDC and WHO and update our processes if necessary.

At Hallak Cleaners, we are doing our best to maintain operations for those who are sending in garments for cleaning and/or sanitizing. At this time, we would like to encourage our customers who are home to start your spring clean up NOW instead of waiting until April and May. In order to generate work to keep at least half of our staff working, Hallak Cleaners will be offering a 15% discount on all spring cleaning of garments, sheets and household items. It’s a great way to clean, sanitize and save.

Hallak cleaners has also secured and should be receiving any day now, a CDC approved sanitizer which we will allow us to come to your home and fog rooms you would like disinfected. The product is limited and will be on a first come basis until our supplies run out. We are equipped with white jumpsuits, gloves and masks to keep us protected from each other. The same will apply in cases where drapes need to be taken down, assuming we are allowed into your building. Please call Joe Hallak for further details. Thank you for your patronage for over 50 years.

Please stay safe, and together I believe we will prevail. Our thoughts and prayers are with the United States and the WORLD.


Joe and John-Claude Hallak


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