Some Testimonials from our Customers

I recently had my Burberry coat cleaned and water repelled and although I haven’t worn the jacket yet, it looks great! The best thing about this service is that you deliver which saved me a trip to your location since I live in Chelsea. I appreciate doing business with you and will definitely recommend you to my friends.
-MD, New York, NY

My daughter purchased a used gown from Bridal Garden, a charity in New York City. When it came time to do the alterations she had second thoughts about the gown. She was worried that it would never fit properly. Your seamstress not only made the dress fit like a glove, but also, along with her staff, reattached missing beads and even gave advice on undergarments. Between your seamstress’s alterations and your meticulous cleaning the dress looked both brand new and as if it had been custom fit. Your attention to detail made my daughter both look and feel beautiful. Thank you.
-TC, Rutherford, NJ

I received my bag this morning and it looks amazing! I cannot thank you enough!!!
-KW, Chicago, IL

I have a brand new jacket since it was reconditioned by Hallak. I thought the price was high but then, I was not disappointed.
-RHC, Fort Lee, NJ

Please accept my sincerest thanks for the outstanding treatment of the leather jacket that I recently sent to your firm. It is quite refreshing to realize that those who take pride in their endeavors do still exist. The quality of workmanship was beyond reproach and far exceeded the level of care available locally, thus justifying the cross country exchange necessary to deal with this item. I fully expect to have many more years of satisfaction with this garment thanks to you and your firm.
-KM, New York, NY

I could not have been more pleased with the attention my dress and I received from your establishment. From my initial phone call where my questions were answered and an account set up, to the final delivery of my St. John garment in a heavy protective box, hanging and stuffed with tissue to retain its shape, the services you provide are wonderful. My dress and jacket were beautifully cleaned and look like new. I will recommend Hallak Cleaners to all of my friends and family members who have clothing that they truly care about.
-KL, New York, NY

As Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the rest of the holiday season rolls on, I want to take the time to personally thank you for your help over the past few months. I feel as though I personally know you, since you have given me first class treatment from the first time I e-mailed you regarding the cleaning of my purse to the moment I opened the box containing the flawlessly cleaned item. It looks BRAND NEW! I cannot get over how amazing it looks.

I had been in contact with Louis Vuitton and various luxury cleaners before I spoke with you but I chose Hallack Cleaners because of your generosity and excellent customer service. I am a firm believer that when someone treats you well, they deserve your continued loyalty. My family and I have not found this type of care in Chicago and I intend to send each of my siblings your way.

Your services are not limited to the beautiful cleaning, but it includes the promptness in which all matters have been handled. You responded to all my e-mails within the hour of writing them, you never hesitated when I asked to get my purse cleaned within a specific time limit, and you never belittled me by talking down or acting as though you have better things to do…you treated me like I was your only customer and for that, I will be a customer for life.

I truly thank you for your help. Never once did you hesitate to answer a question or deny a silly demand from me. You gave me the freedom to bother you at times and while I apologize if I gave you too much trouble, I also thank you for your continued patience.

You have been a great help to me and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Please expect my family (five women in all) to contact you in the future for their cleaning needs. Thank you again for everything. You run a smooth and painless- trust me, it can be painful- operation and I hope you know that.

Thank you.
– CC, December 2008

…thank you for your patience with me and for the many kindnesses shown to me by everyone at Hallak Cleaners.
-KK, New York, NY

Thank you! My wife did not realize that some small metal parts around the belt of her jacket had lost some of the screws that kept them together. The girl that helped us at your store was so very helpful and even offered to contact Ferragamo’s store personally and to have the damage repaired.
This is outstanding customer service! I had heard you were the best cleaner in New York City, but you certainly exceeded my expectations.
-FG, St. James, NY

Just wanted to tell you that you guys did a fabulous job! I was thrilled to see that care was given to the leather trim and stitching in addition to the main canvas portion of my Gucci shoulder bag. The turn around time was an added bonus. Thanks to the Hallak team!
-DH, New York, NY

I am writing to “thank you” for the excellent work and service which I have received from you on my two cleaning orders.I cannot express how pleased I am. I have been recommending you to my “special” friends who are deserving of you expertise.I am so happy that I “found” you – thanks to St. John on 5th Avenue.Thank you, again.
-NAK, Watertown, MA

Dear Mr. Hallak,
I cannot put into words how impressed and moved I am by your integrity and honesty, especially in a world where most businesses care more about the dollars they make, than their clients welfare.

I would also like to thank your Office Manager for her patience, care and attention. She handled my situation with great delicacy.

My mother was a customer of your father many years ago. I had the opportunity to meet him once or twice when your store was at its previous Manhattan location. Joseph Hallak was a true gentleman.

I think he would be so proud of you, who followed in his footsteps with the honor and in your concern for merely one client. Thank you for making me feel so important.
Best wishes for your good heath,
-BIR, Manhattan, NY

Thank you for a wonderful job on my wife’s Gucci handbag. She’s thrilled to get it back in almost brand new condition. We will definitely use your service in the future.
-LC, Union City, CA

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the follow-up from you and your team. It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional group.
-JN, Brooks Brothers, New York, NY

You’re the best! Thank you!
Kindest regards,
-R, Aspen, CO

Thank you for a great job on the cream colored slacks.
-EFS, New York, NY

My daughter had her wedding dress alterations done in your Hackensack location. I wanted to thank the seamstress pictured in one of the photos I took while we were there. She did a tremendous job and I wanted her to be recognized for it. My daughter looked and felt beautiful on her wedding day.
Satisfied Customer
-PH, Jackson, NJ

Your people are the best and I will continue to recommend you.
Many thanks,
-MM, New York, NY

I received my Chanel handbag and was delighted at the difference in the bag after being cleaned. I will certainly recommend your company’s services without hesitation. Thank you! My bag looks great!
-JL, Hot Springs, AR

Thank you! My bag looks great!
-BR, New York, NY

To each and every one of you, the River Edge Green Day committee is grateful for you participation, donations, information, all to make out day the success it was. The feedback was enthusiastic and appreciative of the depth of the even which went way beyond that typical Reduce, Reuse, Recycle message…The Bergen Record covered the even prior to it happening and highlighted the appearance of the Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle from Mercedes…Cheers and many, many thanks from River Edge!
-WR, River Edge, NJ River Edge Green Day

I have spent my life in search of “the best” – my business is the best quality organic Italian speciality food & cheeses. And one of my passions is collecting vintage Italian clothing, esp. Giorgio Armani. I have a vintage Armani shirt from 1984 that still looks amazing because I only bring it to Hallak, artists afloat in a sea of mostly mediocre dry cleaners. It’s amazing what passes for service today but at Hallak you are guaranteed perfection. Even though I must drive an hour from my home to reach them, it’s worth it! Thank guys!
-SGP, Somerset, NJ

Thank you for cleaning my Communion dress. If it weren’t for you all getting my dress cleaned my day would have been ruined. I was so happy when I saw my white and pretty dress I cried and thought my day would be a wonderful and happy day. You are some great people. You rock.
-NC, Stroudsburg, PA

A note from an industry peer:
Thank you for the opportunity to come and visit and observe you plant in operation. While you consider it to be in transition I was finally able to see the real meaning to the Hallak brand. I was so impressed with the calm professionalism exhibited by each of your employees. Each one seemed tok now exactly what they were responsible for and did it very well. Jose was very informed and helpful in answering all my questions about Green Earth. AlthoughI’ve known the Hallak name for many years , it was not until yesterday that I was able to understand what it takes to be an industry leader.Thank you again for your generosity.
-KK, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks again for your expertise. The jacket you colored in looked great! As always, thank you for your friendship and your kindness.
-JG, Middletown, NY

About our new eblasts:
Very cool! Great publicity for you guys.
-CSG, Fair Lawn, NJ

I am writing to thank you for saving my brown shearling coat. I was indeed panic stricken when I called Searle to seek advice about a fresh oil stain. How fortunate that the store referred me to you and that you were still on premises to work on the coat. Of course I called the Searle store manager back to tell him of the wonderful service I received from you – gratis, no less. Many thanks, again, for your kindness and excellent work.
-BZ, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Dear Hallak Cleaners,
I’m writing to express my appreciation for my recent experience in deal with your company. I found your company through the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (who I have dealt with before) when I was looking for a dry cleaner to clean the dress I wore as Mother of the Groom. The dress was heavily beaded and my local dry cleaner said they did not have the experience to clean the dress. Initially I contacted another wedding gown restoration company listed on the label of my dress and was very put off by them. They were arrogant and not helpful at all. From the very beginning when I contacted your company I found everyone I talked to over several conversations to be very courteous and helpful. I used you courier service and the dress was shipped back in a special hanging box. The dress has been restored to a beautiful condition by your company. I am very pleased by your professional services, your attention to detail and the quality of your work. I will not hesitate to use your company again for specialty dry cleaning. And I will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of such a service. Thanks again for a job well done.
-RG, Moorestown, NJ

Thanks again for superb job (upholstery and carpets) and thanks for being so quick and prompt.
– BW, Far Hills, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for handling the matter of my coat with such courtsey and professionalism. You justly deserve you reputation for excellent customer service. I am happy to recommend you in the future.
-JB, New York, NY

I received my shirts and as expected they are perfect, just the way I like them. I will surely be sending you more.
– LH – Merrill Lynch, Red Bank, NJ

We are grateful to have found you and received such excellent service, from our first call, the offer of returning if the cleaning did not look like it would work, you excellent care of the dress (which I LOVE) and the beautiful hanging box in which is was returned, crisp white, unwrinkled, and ready to go out! All I need now is warm weather, so I can wear it to something special. Many thanks …
Sandra Kulli, Kulli Marketing
Malibu, California

Your service was beyond wonderful. My Armani jacket was restored…and it is now perfect. My thanks and appreciation for all your efforts.
-BH, New York, NY

Thank you for always doing such a first class job.

I just came across a letter you sent me inquiring how the hand cleaning of my drapery tiebacks came out…The tiebacks came out beautifully. I was so pleased that they could be cleaned and did not need to be replaced…I only wish I had contacted you sooner so that your firm could have handled all the drapery cleaning. Unfortunately, the cleaner my insurance company used, although supposed “experts,” did not do such fine work, and some of the draperies were ruined and some shrunk excessively. Now I know who to call when I want draperies cleaned. Thank you again for your personal attention to this matter. You were very kind to help me out and I would highly recommend you company’s service for any high-end cleaning needs.
– EC, Redding, CT

Dear Hallak Cleaners,
I have never written a letter to compliment service I have received, but I was so impressed this past Saturday by how I was treated in your 65th Street location, that I had to take the time to let you know that you are doing an amazing job.I brought in a dinner jacket that needed a simple spot cleaning. My local dry cleaners said they could not do it, but I figured I would try your store since you are the best. The lovely lady at the counter (unfortunately, I did not get her name) said she would try, but if it left a ring she would have to dry clean it. I expressed my concern because they buttons were velvet and the jacket was brocade with velvet cuffs. She explained that was no problem, she could remove the buttons etc. if it had to be cleaned. Meanwhile, again, my local cleaners said they could not do that. After a few minutes in the back to spot clean the jackets, she came back to the counter to show it to me and it looked perfect. But she didn’t stop there. I expected some kind of charge, maybe five or ten dollars. She just folded the jacket up and thanked me. I asked, “There is no charge?” and she graciously said, “No, but thank you.” I was utterly shocked. Never, in all of my ten years living in NYC have I ever been treated so well – which is sad, because service like this should be the norm. She had not even asked me my name to check the computer and see if I was a regular customer (which I expected her to). Even my husband, who was with me and is the most jaded New Yorker of them all, was impressed. With customer service almost dead, especially in a city like this, I thought it was important to let you know that you have won me over. I will be your customer for forever and will recommend you to all of my friends from now on. Thank you for treating people as they should be treated and for realizing, that there are things you can do above and beyond just getting the job done, that will win customers over for the long term.
– JS, Manhattan

I am pleased to inform you that my wife has received the Burberry raincoat and it is now in perfect condition. This only confirms the high quality of the service we have always received from your company. Thanking you for the attention given to the matter.
– Paulo, Canada

Thank you for a marvelous job and for saving my best dress!
– JKR, Manhattan

Thank you for coming through for me last weekend. I’m sorry I was obliged to trouble you at home, but I’m very pleased you were able to get my clothes to me before my departure. As you know, I’m a regular customer and I rely on you fore excellent cleaning  and excellent service. I appreciate your commitment to both principles.
– JLW, Manhattan

Thank you so much for your interest and help in restoring my red and white sweater. Because this sweater was one of my most favorite garments, I was really upset when it seemed ruined.I was so glad to find a cleaner who would do more than take one look, and give up! You do deserve your fine reputation. Thank you again for your assistance, especially as the distance made this somewhat more involved than your usual work. I appreciate your help.
– MW, Manhattan

After so many years in NY, I am moving to Philadelphia. So I won’t be bringing my cleaning to you any more. I’d like to say thank you for all of the good service Hallak Cleaners has provided me over the last 10 years. In particular, I’d like to thank Juan, who has always been extremely cooperative and on many occasions has gone out of his way to be helpful. I only hope I can find a dry cleaner in Philadelphia who is half as good as Hallak Cleaners! Thank you again.
– MJA, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you so much for your work on our wedding gown. The stain is vastly better and the dressmaker thinks she can hide what little is left in a fold. We are most grateful for your service.
-NBM, Manhattan

I put on one of my summer suits for the first time this year, reached into the jacket pocket and found an envelope, apparently left from last fall’s cleaning, containing $4 and a note L found in pocket. I cannot tell you how utterly astounded and delighted I was since I know no other cleaner where this would happen.Not only are you about the best cleaner we know of in New York, but your honesty and integrity once again has asserted itself as it has on those few occasions when a garment has been lost or damaged. The $4, of course, means very little; but your action, and that of your employees in returning it to me, is both extraordinary and extraordinarily appreciated.
– NJL, Manhattan

I now have found a terrific place in New York to have clothes cleaned. John Claude Hallak is now my personal cleaner.
– PC, Manhattan

If everyone in NY had your integrity what a great city it would be.
– RDB, Manhattan

Some months ago a friend recommended your establishment, calling it the best dry cleaner in New York City. I have found that my friend was correct. The quality of your work is impeccable and your staff is always courteous and pleasant. One of your employees, (LF), deserves a special mention. When I spoke with her briefly by phone this afternoon she not only displayed the courtesy that is characteristic of all your employees, but went out of her way to answer a variety of questions I posed to her regarding the cost of cleaning certain materials and the suitability of various fabric to wear in the heat and humidity that summer brings to New York. Simply being pleasant is often ground for high praise nowadays. But (LF’s) cheerfulness and willingness to offer assistance and advice reflects a commitment to her job and her employer that is indeed exceptional. That your standards are high is evident not only in the excellence of your work, but in the quality of your employees, such as (LF), who do that work.
– RMH, Manhattan

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your taking the time to open your plant for me last Saturday. It was truly service above and beyond the call. Your extra efforts resolved what could have been a very difficult situation, with not only superb service, but excellent workmanship, as well. Thank you, again, for all your help, and you certainly have found a new and satisfied customer.
– IMT, Manhattan

The Only Dry Cleaner I Trust (from editor of SHOP Etc., found on their website)
Finally, my faith in dry-cleaners has been restored! Some of you may remember in a summer edition of SHOP Etc., I described my search for the perfect white pants after a dry cleaner destroyed the only pair I had ever loved.I have never worn white pants since, not only because all those I tried on were too grey, too yellow, too thin, too thick, too baggy or too tight, but mainly because I didn’t dare relinquish future loves into the bowels of another dastardly dry cleaner.

Then I was introduced to Hallak Cleaners (Hallak & Sons Inc., 1232 2nd Ave [bet 64th and 65th], 212-832-0750). In fact, John Claude Hallak wrote to me here at SHOP Etc. after reading my column and challenged to the give him my most precious items with the guarantee they’d be returned not just cleaner, but even better than they looked before.

I was cynical, but I adore a challenge so I retrieved a Jil Sander cream coat from the back of my closet, where it had been languishing. I had reluctantly taken it to a number of dry cleaners, but probably sensing my anxiety, not one of them would take it on.Now it was in such a sorry state (coffee spray on the front, make-up and hair gel on the collar, city grime around the cuffs and a gooey black oil stain that mysteriously appeared from nowhere), I was never going to wear it again anyway.

With a put that in your pipe and smoke it smirk, I handed the coat over to Hallak and returned a week later ready for the excuses. In fact, as I scrutinized my coat through the plastic, I hardly recognized it.But this time, it was for all the right reasons. Every mark had been carefully cleaned away, the big gold buttons had been removed and replaced just so, and no trace of the icky hair products and make-up on the collar.I swear I had witnessed a miracle!

Since then, I’ve taken all sorts of dry cleaning challenges to Hallak-my white crocheted top, my silk and chiffon camisole that got covered in grease splotches during a frenzied BBQ, a crisp white jacket from Miu Miu that cost me far too much money. In truth, Hallak isn’t cheap, either. You’ll pay double what you’d pay at your corner cleaner. But to prevent future heartbreak, it’s worth every penny.

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