Survey says…

Here is just a look at some of the responses we received from our bridal surveys:

Everyone I spoke with was professional and friendly.  They worked wonders on my daughter’s gown.

Everything was done in an exceptional, professional, courteous, etc. way.  I am truly grateful for the care and consideration.Thank you.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.  My daughter’s wedding dress was cleaned beyond my expectations.

I was very satisfied since my wedding gown was 55 years old and I had kept it boxed for all those years.  You did a wonderful job in preserving it for my granddaughters.

Beautiful job restoring my mother’s gown! The on my fur coats was also amazing! They also cleaned my childhood doll, Pouli.  (All of us at Hallak miss Pouli!)

We appreciate all of you taking the time to pass along these kind words!

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