2021 Earth Day Giveaway

2021 Earth Day Giveaway!

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Earth Day is April 22nd. Celebrate with Hallak Cleaners!

It’s April 22nd, which means it’s Earth Day! While every day should basically be Earth Day, Hallak Cleaners likes to celebrate today in a special way.

Visit either store location for your free, green, eco-friendly tote bag! You do not even have to be a customer.  It’s just a way to promote our love for our Earth. The totes are a generous size that can be used for anything including groceries or your next Hallak drop-off order.

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day?

  • Buy half your food locally
  • Reusable tote bags – for everything
  • Mindful meal planning – less food waste
  • Inspect and maintain appliances – extend their lives
  • Embrace vintage…everything (clothes, furniture and more)

In addition to our tote bag giveaway, Hallak Cleaners promotes environmental-friendly practices in other ways. Like right in our plant!

  • Cleaning solvents are recycled through state-of-the-art filtering and distillation equipment
  • Meeting and exceeding clean air and safe water standards
  • Awarded EP Certificate of Environmental Stewardship
  • Given four green leaves by the Green Cleaners Council
  • Recycling paper and cardboard waste – and hanger program
  • Safe and responsible method to collect and dispense dry cleaning waste

And there’s more. Visit our Think Green page for even more fun facts.  And feel free to ask one of our team members. They would be happy to share with you.

As one of the only couture cleaners in the world, we take pride that all garment care takes place in-house, by our team.  For over 55 years, Hallak is a family-owned and operated couture cleaner been serving the New York Metro area.

Please keep in mind that Hallak’s Household Sale starts April 26th and runs through May 14th. Our talented interior team is offering 20% off household items such as: area rugs, carpets, window treatments, upholstery and other furnishings. Call (212) 832-0750 or email info@hallak.com. Complimentary quotes are available.


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