Spring Clothing Donation Pick Up: Out with the Old, In with the New

Looking for a clothing donation pick up or drop off location near you? Both Hallak Cleaners’ stores are collecting clothing throughout the month and into May. 

When seasons switch, we always encourage our clients to take an hour or two to give your wardrobe a glance over. You’ll most likely be storing some garments to make room so why not get ride of some items that no longer serve any purpose.

What Clothing Should You Donate

Going through your wardrobe sounds like an exhausting, time-consuming idea. However, we guarantee that you can look into your closet right now and pull 20 items you haven’t worn all season. And from those 20, you can easily decide that 5 of those are probably never going to have a night out again.

If pressed for time and you don’t need to make a lot of space, then keep it simple. Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Have I worn this in the past season?
  • Why haven’t I worn this?
  • Does this item still fit?
  • Do I need to have this altered or repaired?
  • Would I be okay never wearing this again?

For some items, you may only need to ask yourself one  questions and know. Yes, this is a keeper. Or no, I’m never going to wear this again. 

If you come across items in need of assistance, take them out of your closet and put in a pile for your dry cleaners and/or tailor. By leaving them in your closet, it only further delays the possibility of you ever wearing them.

Pro tip: Some people leave the alterations/repair pile. If they don’t it to the cleaners or tailor in 2 weeks, then perhaps it’s time to donate. 

Clothing Donation Pick Up and Drop Off

Everyone wants to do their part. However, we all have very busy lives that can delay these little ways in which we can help our community. By hosting another donation drive in-house, we hope that this will help make the task simple and stress-free.

Both the New York and New Jersey Hallak stores have donation bins. In addition, you may also include your clothing donation with your dry cleaning pick-up. However, we do kindly ask that you keep donation items in a separate bag AND note that they are for donations. A team member would be happy to call you to review all garments to confirm. This year, we are donating all collected items to Goodwill.  Feel free to email for a tax-deductible receipt.

Spring Pickup Services

At Hallak, spring is a busy time. We are hosting our household sale, winter clothing storage season starts, and this donation drive. 

Hosting a clothing donation drive at the same time of a seasonal wardrobe switch simply makes sense. As you are taking control of your closet, make a donation pile for unwanted clothing. Visit either store and leave your charitable clothing donations in our drop boxes. Or schedule your free pick-up today.

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