Fall Winter New York Fashion Week

This fall winter New York Fashion Week made all the headlines  and as it should.

Starting last Friday to this week, your favorite designers had their fall winter designs hit the runway. And if you’re lucky and/or a who’s who in the fashion world, you had seats.

For the rest, there is plenty of coverage. From streetwear to couture pieces, there was something for everyone. And if you like the 90s, you’ll find some pieces you really are going to love.

New York Fashion History

New York has had a long history of being a center for  fashion, dating back to the early 20th century.  At that time, it was the largest garment manufacturing center in the United States.

Over the years, NYC has continued to grow as a fashion capital with many of the world’s top designers headquartered – and luxury boutiques lining the streets.

Fortunately, New York City has the infrastructure to support the demands of the fashion industry. With many number of fashion schools and plenty of showroom space, it’s no wonder so many designer fashion groups calls it home.

Streetwear Fashion

This year, Heron Preston made their New York Fashion Week debut. The runway gave cyber punk street wear vibes. If you are unfamiliar with the name Heron Preston, you’ll be impressed after a quick search. A true creative, Heron Preston’s pieces speak for themselves.

The collection included the right amount of layering, fray-kissed clothing, and eye-catching accessories.

New York Fashion Brands

Based out of New York, Collina Strada showcased her looks – and also gave a true show. The models donned masks transforming them into animals such as pigs, lizards, and horses. In addition the wildlife, the layering situation was real – skirts over pants, corsets over tops, and more.

Fashion with a Message

Besides the actual fashion, we love when fashion brands use the opportunity to drive a message. 

This fashion week, PH5 leaned into the issues plaguing our oceans. Merging fashion with examples of bad human habits, the result was underwater fashion looks with a twist – plastic! The beautifully constructed garments made you look and think about our ecosystem.

Bonus – The brand plants five trees for every single garment sold. We love that!

Romantic Rodarte 

Last week, Rodarte kicked off the beginning of Fall Winter New York Fashion Week 2023. 

While dark and goth, the collection was full-on romantic. The scene was set with large silver candelabras and silver encrusted fruits. Magic was in the air. Models with heavy eyeliner and dark lipstick dressed in black further created this goth fairytale.

The End of Fall Winter NYFW

Although the shows have ended, the excitement has not. That’s one of the reasons New York Fashion Week is so special. 

Whether you are dressing in today’s latest trends or your favorite 5-year old sweater, Hallak is here for all your garment care. 

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