Flying South for the Winter?

Flying South for the Winter?

Out-of-state friends love our shipping services. Learn more today.

Even this year, people are still flying south for the winter. And we completely understand. The city and cold weather is not for everyone.

However, you may miss some of what the city has to offers such as Hallak Cleaners.  Well, you don’t have to!

For a few decades, Hallak has offered courier couture dry cleaning.  While many of our clients live in the delivery area, there are some loyal out-of-state clients that use our shipping services.

When shipping items, we ask that you include a note inside the box.  Please include following information:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Best Phone Number
  • Best Email

If you already have an account for local delivery, please include that address. This way, we can itemized garments under that account.  Please note that all invoices are charged prior to shipping so we do require a credit card on file.

For your luxury items, you can certainly request additional insurance and other extras (e.g. signature required).   Questions? Email or call (212) 832-0750.

And by the way, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss a think!  We are always sharing tips, fashion trends, home care and more.


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