Post Labor Day 2020 Check-In

Post Labor Day 2020 Check-In

Consider this your post Labor Day 2020 check-in.  The Hallak family hopes you had a happy and healthy holiday weekend.

Typically, Labor Day Weekend means the beginning of a new school year, the end of summer, etc. This year, things may be a little different. For some, their stay at the summer house may end up a little longer. If so, please know that we are continuing our Hampton route.

Others may continue family remote learning and working from home.  With that in mind, your day-to-day fashion may be a little more on the casual side.  In addition to our couture dry cleaning, our wash and fold service is still available. All of our laundry services come with a Hallak touch!

Allow us to lighten up your daily routine by caring for your bed linens. One less thing to-do means more time for the important things.  Regular laundry cleans and sanitizes keeping your family safe.  In addition to linens, Hallak also offers pillow and home sanitizing. (For home services, please call (212) 832-0750 to speak with a home interior expert.)

Over the next few weeks, the weather is going to start to change. While we can’t help with that, we can help with your seasonal storage switch!  Our cold storage is available for your outerwear. (There are three different levels. Choose which option is best for you.)  Box storage is ideal for your wardrobe. (All items must be cleaned prior to storage. Once you have created an account, you can add here and there.)

After Labor Day, the months tend to go quickly.  Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. Hallak is here for you and will continue to. From your festive table linens to upholstery cleaning, you know you will receive the very best in fabric care.

Questions about any of our services? Call (212) 832-0750 or email today.


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