Thanksgiving Day Fashion

Thanksgiving Day Fashion

Have you been thinking about your Thanksgiving Day fashion?

What does your Thanksgiving Day fashion look like?  While we plan all month, the day seems to just come up behind us. You have given thought to your turkey’s dressing, but what about what you’e going to wear?

The holiday may look a little different this year. Even so, you can still dress how you typically would. If it’s more of a casual day, consider a nice sweater, (loose-fitting!) cotton dress, denim, etc. For those who choose to dress up a bit more, a nice suit, perfectly pressed button-down, elegant dress or another formal look.

It is easy to drop food or drink on while serving – and eating.  If you find yourself with a stain, please do not attempt to clean yourself. And if you do, remember pat don’t rub. Way too often do we see fabric disturbance due to aggressive stain-removal attempts. Both locations are open on Friday so you can simply schedule a pick-up or stop by. Trust the tough stains to our professionals in our Spot Department.

Hallak understands your wardrobe’s different needs. It is why we offer both dry cleaning and wash-and-fold. When scheduling your pick-up or visiting, you can bring items for both or either service. Laundering cleans and sanitizes your clothing so there is one less to-do to worry about.

Additionally, we provide luxury linen care for those fine table and bed linens. (Blankets and other linens can be included in your wash-and-fold orders.) Many of our clients have already scheduled their post-Thanksgiving table linen pick-up. Call (212) 832-0750 or schedule yours today. Free pick-up and delivery in Manhattan, Bergen County, Short Hills, Greenwich, Westchester, Hamptons and Manhattan.


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